Inactive new member?

Maybe long time he didn’t receive anything then he lost interested in postcrossing :rofl:

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I sent a postcard to a new member in China who had filled out a profile and hadn’t visited the site. The card successfully registered.


Yes! I got a new person in Japan and it’s been 56 days now and nothing. They sent only one card, none registered as received, and have not been active in over a month.

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I am an over thinker as well. And I do sometimes send a second card some time after the first expires, if it is a country that normally has fast mail service like Germany, Netherlands, or Japan, for example.
In early November I got two names in Germany of very active members. By the end of November both stopped having any activity on their accounts, and then the cards I sent expired recently. Now this week, both have started registering received cards again. One of them has been registering 20-25 cards received per day! I hope my card to her is in one of those piles :slight_smile:
I assume maybe they both went on holiday somewhere else?
In this case, I did not send a second card to either, due to the holidays.
On a different topic thread in the forum, I read some German members talking about how their mail in their country has been slow too, and also increased quantities of mail in December in that country because the postal service also offers to make donations for each card sent.


The mail in usually efficient Germany was brutal last month. Not unusual to have received little or nothing, and then a pile of cards at once later.


In some parts of Germany Deutsche Post lacks of personnel and blames it on sick leaves while the trade unions say that many employees quit the job for the amount of work has risen very much. But in my area the postal service still works reliable so far.

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For someone to be “inactive” for a month isn’t too significant. As other postcrossers have mentioned above, it could be their national mail service, or that their postcards are trickling in slowly since they are new.

I’ll admit it becomes disappointing when you pull an address from a user who hasn’t logged in for 3+ months. [EDIT: I should have said that it becomes disappointing when you pull an address and the user ends up not logging in for months. After 3+ months that’s when it becomes disappointing.] That’s when you send good energy/vibes with your postcard, because… who knows? But we don’t know their situation. They could be on a break, vacation, maybe life got too busy on their end and couldn’t focus on Postcrossing for a while … the list can go on.

And to repeat - have patience. That’s the hardest thing to overcome as a newbie (I went through that feeling, too!).

But this shouldn’t be possible - if I understand correctly what has been said before, if a member has not logged in for 30+ days, their address will not be given out to others. Have you pulled a member who hasn’t logged in for more than a month already at the time when you got their address?


I mispoke! I should have said that it becomes disappointing when you pull an address and the user ends up not logging in for months. After 3+ months that’s when it becomes disappointing.


Ahh, I see! And yes, I agree - I have such a card now on the way, user was active, I had a perfect card (and no other copy of it left) and now they hadn’t been seen for a few months, sadly :frowning: Hope nothing bad has happened to them. But it’s definitely disappointing.

@delenn_mir I have the same at the moment. Usually I’m good with letting go expired cards, but I think/hope I made a very fitting choice for that recipient, and really would have loved to have that one on my wall. I really liked it myself :laughing:

Luckily in my case I can get another of those cards to send off again, but the perfectly matching stamps and stickers for the theme are gone now.

I hope the card still arrived and made the recipient happy, even if they did not register it (yet) :crossed_fingers:


Well i checked the account again…nothing changed, no login, no informations, no picture…so i just give up on that one :blush: i think it will expire and that’s all…usually it doesn’t take that long to reach this country…i hope the person still get the card and like it even if he/she don’t register it.


@csr95 I had a similar case to yours last March:
card sent to a new member from a city in a Northern European country with an efficient postal system.

Given the empty profile I sent a view card of Paris, including a ‘welcome to Postcrossing’ message.
The new member has sent 3 cards on 3 different days between February and March but has not registered any card and has not been online since April.
I sent a message in May politely asking if my view card was received, but no response of course.

I did a quick search on the official PC website and discovered that there are many existing accounts of people with zero registered cards and who have not been online for years.

If such accounts are not closed because of practical reasons (such as ad revenues perhaps), it would be useful to at least automatically register the cards sent to them before these are deleted from the system.


Here a same Problem. New member ( USA) and he has 3 sent and received. One month not online…second card sent but no reaction. The first card is 89 days ago.

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Accounts that aren’t in use are automatically marked as inactive after a month of no activity and their address isn’t given out.

There’s no danger in keeping inactive accounts on the system.

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If they are not online, I would not send a second card then (and I don’t normally send a second card anyways, only very rarely).

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I am well aware of that since 2021, but my post does not relate at all to your generic point.

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Yeah it’s annoying…i had it a few ones by now…now I’ll only send interesting AD cards to inactive members and keep the normal postcards for active members…i think if they start an account, maybe feel bored by it and just stop to log in, they at least can simply delete their accounts or let the support now about it… :blush:

this whole system is build on trust.
I don’t talk about lost cards…that’s normal, but ignoring the registration part after receiving a card…that’s not ok :pray:t2: just my opinion


Offen News Users have to wait a long time before they can receive their first card. Some send their first 5 cards and just wait and see what will come their way. Others keep on sending cards. The ones who wait do not see any reason to log in until they receive their first card. People are all different.

I am on this site for almost 13 years. I had many cards sent to new members that have not logged in for weeks, even month but registered my card when they have received it. others have not.
More often they were registered than not.

But even when not new it can happen that people stop visiting this site for month and even stop. It‘s not just newbes.

I like to give everyone the benefit of a doubt. Makes this hobby more relaxing to me


That’s why i send them cards but pretty/interesting AD cards…i have all kind from animal themed, art, Anime/Manga, nature, Germany themed even nude :blush: i respect the system, because postcrossing is my biggest hobby in this moment and helps me with my chronic depressions :blush: