Inactive new member?

[ EDIT: to make it clearer: i have sent a card to this person on the 13th December 2022 the day i got the ID)

Hey to the Community :hugs:
I hope it’s ok if i open a thread about this thematic.
Well a while ago i got a address from a new member and i was already having a bad feeling about it. Anyway i thought it’s a new person so maybe he/she had no time to finish his/her profile…

The whole profile is empty, no picture, no informations and the last visit is about one month ago. The person haven’t registered a card till now and have only sent his/her 5 cards. In fact it looks like if the person only went online one time (when he/she got her/his first addresses).

I wrote this person a message and asked if he/she is active, but i got no response.

Has anyone of you ever had a problem like this? :woman_shrugging:t2:

I took a screenshot but I hid the name and country so I don’t put the person in a bad position in any way :blush:

I mean at the end i can only wait, but i was wondering if you guys ever wrote to a new but inactive person ?

Best wishes :hugs:


I have only sent 99 postcards so far, and I have only written to a few “inactive” users, but they have always saved the postcards. I totally understand your concerns, but in my opinion, this person is not active simply because he hasn’t received a postcard yet… I mean, if he (or she) doesn’t know the forum and is just a newbie, it’s pretty logical that he (or she :)) doesn’t spend his days on the Postcrossing site. I don’t know if you know what I mean :blush:
So I’d send it anyway, since those are the rules of Postcrossing. Maybe write the ID in large print, to make sure he remembers how Postcrossing works.

But I am almost certain that the person will register it, if he or she doesn’t, please send me a PM, I’ll send you a Entschädigungpostkarte :smile:


It’s quite likely that since the member hasn’t received any postcards yet, they’ve had no reason to log in – until you start receiving postcards frequently, at first, I think it’s a bit like that. They’re not part of the community yet, after all! So I think all you can do is wait, but they were enthusiastic enough to send five postcards already without receiving any in return… so hopefully the postcards they do receive now those postcards have arrived will bring them back to log in, and participate more. :crossed_fingers:


Happened to me once…but after 8months postcrossing help services ended up automatically registering the postcard because the person deleted their profile


My suggestion: just send a postcard and that’s it. You have drawn the address and that means according to the rules that you have to send a postcard.


Yes, this has happened to me as well.
I reached out to inactive Postcrossers several times in my early days as a Postcrosser, and only one responded.
And so, my thinking now is that I shall select the best cards I can when given an address, send them out, and then move on to the next cards without worrying about how active a user is or how long it takes for a card to be registered.
Other ways to enjoy Postcrossing include participation in various round robins and tags in the forum? If you haven’t yet, it’s worth your while to spend some time browsing through there.
Round robins are a great way to get to know more Postcrossers, to have some extra fun, and to get more postcards faster.
Maybe start with the Just Postcards round robin, for example?
If you like stamps, there’s Stamp Story RR , for example.

Have fun. Don’t sweat the inactive members, the late registrations, etc.


Yes, I think exactly the same. They have sent five postcards that are registered, so they deserve their postcards too.

The empty profile doesn’t mean anything necessarily.
Once a long time member changed their profile to empty, I don’t remember the reason anymore, but I am tempted too to do that one day maybe.

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I have written a card, but I don’t know if they are inactive, or just not had a reason to log in.
I have never written them e-mail, because that would ruin the surprise of who they are getting the card from.

And if it’s zero received, I try to think my card might be their first impression of Postcrossing’s received postcards (a little scary too :slight_smile: ).


I also wrote to postcrosser with profiles looking like that.
Maybe the five sent out cards have just arrived and rhe cards towards them are still travelling. As somebody already wrote, cards to and from some countries take very long.


If I learned anything here, it is that you have to be patient. I used to request the address and then mail the card. I’ve done my part. I never wrote a member after I mailed the card.


@Aguaroble thank you for your response :blush: I’ve sent this person a card on the day i got the ID (13th December) so I’ll just wait and see what comes :blush: you’re right i didn’t thought of members that aren’t interested in the forum :confounded: thank you haha don’t worry about the Entschädigung haha but I’m always happy to swap :smile:

@shanaqui thank you :blush: i hope to too… it’s such a wonderful hobby :relaxed:

@linos203 thank you :blush: it’s not to China or Russia…i don’t know if i can say the country but it’s overseas…i swap a lot with Russian and chinese members especially on Instagram :blush:

@chanel480 thank you for your informations :blush:

@ravishing I’ve sent a card on the 13th December :hugs: the day i got the ID…I’m sorry if i didn’t made this clear :blush: thank you


@HookedonPostcards thank you for your kind message​:blush: i joined a lot of RRs in the past and still joining a few in this moment, same with tags, lotteries and i swap a lot on Instagram…maybe that’s why I’m so confused when it comes to such members because I’m a postcard addict hahaha :smile:

@xxxyyy don’t worry I’ve sent a card on the 13th December :blush: i love to write and decorate cards…i was just curious if other members were in similar situations :hugs: thank you

@RalfH thank you :blush: it’s always good to read about some experiences…I’ll just stop paying attention to it…maybe this person will come back online when some cards reached their destination

@cliffside thank you for your informations…i think I’m always to worried when it comes to the ID cards…I’m way more relaxed when it comes to tags, RR or direct swaps :smile:


One of my first expired cards when I myself was quite new to Postcrossing was to a person who had one sent card and hadn’t been online in a month. They never registered my card and I think also no more of their cards were registered. It seems like they joined, filled in their profile, sent one card and never returned.

It is sad, but it happens. I keep my fingers crossed that your card will arrive soon and the person will register it and find the fun in Postcrossing!


The fact this profile has only sent 5 postcards and nothing received doesn’t mean it’s not active, after the first 5 p.c you have only to wait to receive something for the possibility to have a new address… so send him/her the postcard because it’s the most boring time in postcrossing :blush:


At least three times in recent memory I have drawn profiles like this [a) new user, b) no image, c) no profile, d) has not logged in recently e) has registered 1 or zero cards] and the card was never registered, and after checking months later, it still showed “last login 5 months ago”. In fact, two days ago I had three brand new users in a row! They all got nice Lantern Press and Lou Paper cards with lovely stamps and washi tape. I hope they will arrive and be registered. Now I wait. :sweat_smile:

There are certainly members who join Postcrossing, send their cards, and never log on again. I have read about these kinds of users often in the forum. I also believe I have sent to these members.

I truly hope your card will eventually be registered (but I understand why you might be worried)! You did your part in sending a card. I understand how you feel. I hope you can let this one go and focus on the other things about Postcrossing that brings you joy. You are certainly not alone in this :heart:


One month isn’t bad and my guess is they are just waiting to receive cards plus maybe they were busy or traveling over the holidays.

When I get these empty profiles my card message urges them to add info such as hobbies, school, pets etc.


I have sent this person a card on the 13th December (when i got the ID) I’m sorry if i didn’t made it clear in my text :blush: thank you for your response

@angeleye and @adriennefriend thank you guys for sharing your experiences! :blush: that helps a lot…
I was just worried so i spend a lot of time with overthinking…I’m this kind of person that will send a second card if the first card expired, because i feel sad for the person when the card didn’t reached the destination… :smile: i need to be more relaxed with the official ID cards


It’s happening to me right now. I drew an address in a neighbouring country to where a postcard usually takes 4-5 days to arrive.
The recipient is a child (12 years old) explaining in their profile that they’re doing postcrossing as a school project. There’s only one sent card and I guess I’m the first one to send a card there.
I sent it 4 weeks ago and the child hasn’t been online for exactly that time.
Tomorrow school holidays are finished and I’m hoping that the card will be registered with the help of the teacher :sweat_smile:


Just send the postcard if you haven’t already send this unfortunately this is just the way the game works. Because this user send five postcards and they’ve been registered that user is entitled to five postcards. Will the user registers them unfortunately that’s out of your control which I know sucks. A lot of people will dabble with postcrossing but never stay for more than a year like. It’s also in and around the Christmas period so they could have traveled away to visit family or started a new job. My attitude is if you requested the address you must send the postcard for the sake of the algorithm :joy: