In celebration of some recent fast deliveries!

Down here at the bottom of the world we don’t always have the fastest mail delivery times, especially from here in Canberra where things seem to take a good bit longer than those of my coastal counterparts :weary:.

That’s why I feel like doing a little happy dance right now when I see some of the exceptionally fast times some of my cards have achieved during May and June :partying_face:!

AU-880629 → UK - 9 days
AU-879596 → Hong Kong - 11 days
AU-879590 → Germany - 12 days
AU-882411 → Luxembourg - 14 days

These are great times for me! They might not be as good as some older members’ pre-covid mail times, but I’m celebrating the win regardless!

I also note that in some cases, they’re better than delivery times both within Australia, and to near neighbour New Zealand!! :rofl:

Have any of you noticed any exceptionally speedy delivery times of late? Wanna celebrate them with me here?

Have a good one peeps!


Multiple cards to China with a max of 40 days!

The fastest was 18 days!


That’s awesome!!! :star_struck:

Yes!! I’ve noticed that mine are taking way less time c:

The two I sent when first starting in 2020 took 77 and 83 days respectively, whereas some of my most recent took…

just 13 and 15 days!!! :partying_face:

I do still have one hovering at about a month, but I’m okay with this! I can’t decide if Auspost are speeding up, or if I’m just one of a very select few that are sending right now :stuck_out_tongue:


Hurrah!!:heartbeat:some of my cards also started reaching faster!!

11 days

17 days

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Yes INDIA TO UK IN 5 days

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From Türkiye to Germany
just 6 days :blush:

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So jealous! I don’t know what it is about Wodonga but I think all my postcards must be sent internationally on rubber rafts and then carried over land by horses.


I still wonder how that one did it in nine days!!

It was drawn at 10:51 am on the morning of Monday 5th June. Written by 11:15 am and deposited over the counter at Mawson post office at 2:55 pm that same day.

The registration email is stamped: 13th June - 11:38 pm (local time)…so actually only 8.5 days from drawing to registration!!

And it didn’t go to the centre of London either, but rather to a town on the outskirts (outside the ring road), some 46 km from Big Ben!

So now we know it is possible!!! :crazy_face:


I’ve been loving the quick mail delivery! These are my last 6 postcards that have arrived!

13 days:
AU-882520 → The Netherlands

14 days:
AU-882521 → The USA

16 days:
AU-882320 → The USA

17 days:
AU-882317 → Germany

18 days:
AU-882318 → The USA
AU-882319 → Germany


Those are great stats @Classic! How exciting!!

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Hello Australian PC’ers
I’d love to be able to register a postcard I received today from Perth.
Unfortunately most of the written side seems to have been washed away, probably in our lovely British summer. I’ve put in a ‘missing ID’ request to Postcrossing, but I guess that could take some time.
The reason that I’m calling on you for help is that it was only postmarked in Perth on 17 July, which must surely be a record for Perth to Wales UK, and I’d love to get it registered today.
It may have been written on 15th July.
The number may start 887???, and the person sending starts with a C and may be Cindy. It’s a viewcard of Perth.
If that rings any bells with anyone could you send me a PM?
Many thanks

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I don’t know who it’s from sorry @xxxxyyyyzzzz, but if you do a search on the main site of Australian users with a Perth address and active in the last month you only get a list of 31 people. 19 if you restrict it to the last week!

One has a PC username that starts with a ‘C’. This doesn’t mean that some of the others don’t also have actual names that start with a C. You could look through them individually and see if you could find more C actual names in their profiles/About pages. And then maybe message them from the main site? Might get someone that way? At least it’s not hundreds of possibilities… unless they were travelling at the time and are not any more…

Good luck!

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I found it! Tried your suggestions and then just started cycling through numbers.

@Missgibson2u (Cindy) sent it !

Guess I confused Postcrossing by saying it came from Perth. Maybe she was on holiday ?

I’m doing a little happy dance :man_dancing:

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That’s so funny! I was gonna suggest cycling through numbers but then thought that might be a step too far! I’d probably have done it though…:face_with_peeking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:…especially given the fast delivery time!!

SEVEN days…Perth to Wales! That’s CRAZY fast! I’ve just had a Tag card delivered to the UK in 9 days. The Oz to UK delivery route is going well right now!


…and yeah, it’s not showing as sent from Perth…it’s showing as having been posted in Sydney (on the map on the main site). So she didn’t use travel mode if she did post it in Perth.

Normally yes, I’d have waited for Postcrossing ID search a bit longer, but it’s the weekend and I really wanted the card to get the recognition it deserves!

This is a snip of the remainder of the written side. I’m impressed it got here at all!

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Wow!!! Completely washed! It’s so amazing it got to you at all. Good to know the Aussie mail centre ink is waterproof too :rofl:.

When I was in Sydney I sent a card back to my family in the UK and it arrived super quickly, I was really surprised! It took only a week or something like that. But all of the postcrossing cards I sent at the same time are still on the way, even though they’re all going shorter distances. It’s a bit annoying, but I’m glad the card to my family was fast!

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Another 15 day-er! All the way to Czechia, which for some reason feels a lot further than the last two that were as short. How exciting :smiley:

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