Important questions about Postcrossing from a journalist

Hello everyone! I am a student-journalist from Belarus! Now I’m writing about the popularity of postcrossing. People of all ages, from any country, please answer the questions:1. How did you learn about postcrossing? 2. Is postcrossing popular in your country?3. Do you have any friends who are also engaged in postcrossing? 4. What do you think is the most popular age group for postcrossing?


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  1. I found out about Postcrossing from the Internet. I was helping some school kid with his or her English homework on a website called “”, and he or she used the word - so I asked what it is.
  2. Yes, postcrossing is quite popular in Poland. We used to be among the top-ten postcrossing nations. But recently postage prices have gone up quite drastically, which discouraged many Polish postcrossers :frowning:
  3. Yes, two friends from Canada both set up their own Postcrossing accounts after I told them about this site.
  4. This seems to differ from country to country. My impression is that there are more older postcrossers in Western Europe (I’d guess the strongest age group here would be 50-70) while in the East postcrossers tend to be younger (15-30).

P.S. Maybe you should aks the postcrossing team some of your questions. They may be able to give you some exact statistics.

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Hello! You can find statistics about Postcrossing users on this page:
and about the participating countries here:
You can order the countries by number of members or postcards sent.

I’ll answer your questions now:

A fellow member on a travel-related website called told me about it and I immediately joined it in January 2008.

It’s not as popular as in other European countries.

I haven’t got any friends who are on Postcrossing, but I have made several friends thanks to Postcrossing.

You should find the exact statistics on the page I linked you to. Most postcrossers belong to the 20-29 and 30-39 groups, if I can remember correctly.
I hope this helps!

Thanks for the answer!

My pleasure. I have moved this topic to a more relevant category. This way, you may receive more answers. Good luck with your writing!

  1. I learnt about it in a magazine I read - the article was written by a fellow postcrosser, I shared it here: Postcrossing article in 'The Procrastination Paper' (UK)

  2. Yes lots of Brits on here - Mike shared the link above but UK is 12th on list of most Postcrossing members :slight_smile:

  3. I do have a couple of friends who have since signed up for Postcrossing after I told them about it :slight_smile:

  4. I had in my head it would have been a lot of younger people, but I find I often get profiles of people in their 40s, 50s + :slight_smile: It’s something for everyone, all ages, which is the great thing about it

Thank you for your answer)

1 I learned about postcrossing thanks to some of the articles on unusual hobbies that I looked through when I was bored.
2 In Russia, postcrossing is quite popular , it is in second place in terms of postcards sent.
3 friends engaged in postcrossing I do not
4 I most often come across profiles of people 20-25 and 35-40 years old

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  1. I saw a video about it on tiktok!
  2. It seems to be pretty popular in the US
  3. None I know personally
  4. I would say middle aged women I encounter most, definitely not my age group
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  1. My friend told me about Postcrossing and I looked into it.
  2. It isn’t popular in New Zealand. Maybe if it got more publicity it would be popular, as Kiwis love to travel (and getting postcards is the next best thing in my opinion!).
  3. Just the friend that told me about Postcrossing.
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Thank you for your answer)

Thanks for the answer!

1. How did you learn about postcrossing?
I read about it in Post of Finland’s magazine called Postinen. There was a teeny tiny mention about Postcrossing back in 2007.

2. Is postcrossing popular in your country?
I would say yes. Back in the day Finland was the most active country and we still are the 5th active. I still remember getting Hurray messages in which the receiver wrote how disappointed they were to get a card from Finland again. Those days are luckily just a memory now.

3. Do you have any friends who are also engaged in postcrossing?
I know two girls from my uni who do Postcrossing but no one my close friends don’t do Postcrossing.

4. What do you think is the most popular age group for postcrossing?
I don’t know really. I have sent cards to under 10-years-old children but also over 80-years-old couple. If I have to guess I would say something between 20-40 years old. :hugs:


Am sending a private message to you.

  1. How did you learn about postcrossing? A childhood friend who is very active in this community. I saw her postcards on Instagram and got curious.
  2. Is postcrossing popular in your country? No, I don’t really think it is. There are less than 11K members in Canada.
  3. Do you have any friends who are also engaged in postcrossing? Just the one who introduced me. And the new friends I have made since joining.
  4. What do you think is the most popular age group for postcrossing? No idea - I have seen a wide variety of ages. Most people I have interacted with have been younger than me, so under 50. (Stats page will give you an exact answer though.)
    Good luck with your article.
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  1. I started in 2011 after surgery when I had to stay in bed for a while. Wanted something to do so I looked for pen palls online and found this site.

  2. Postcrossing is quite popular in the Netherlands. Even though we’re a small country we rank high in the statts.

  3. I don’t know anyone from my friends and family that’s on here.

  4. I come across a lot of people in my agegroup ( 35 - 55 ) and also a lot of students.

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