I used the wrong stamps!

Hi everyone,
I’m a fairly new postcrosser & ive sent my first few postcards with two 2nd class (uk) stamps on. I’ve now redone the maths & worked out that that isn’t enough. However, 2 of the postcards I’ve sent have gotten to their destinations with no problems (& the others I only just posted so won’t be there yet). Should I worry or not about the others getting there?
Postage from the uk internationally is £1.70, and 2nd class stamps are worth £0.66. Somehow I did the maths wrong the first time!
Other uk postcrossers- what stamps do you use?
Thank you!

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I’d say, don’t worry too much about it and wait a bit more. If two of them arrived without problem, the others are likely to do the same. You can still resend or contact the recipient and/or apologise if the need arises later. And you can make sure to post the correct amount in the future. You’re not the only newbie making this mistake. See here: I'm a newbie and miscalculated the postage....what will happen?


Worst case scenario is likely to be something like my card below. Big ugly sticker and a very long travel time! I recommend you use two first class stamps in future. I’ve received cards with no or fake postage or sometimes too little postage on a number of occasions.

I generally do either two first class stamps or one first class plus two 26p and two 18p. This is too much but it’s the only stamps I could get last time I was buying. I’ve also done 10 18p stamps on occasion but that fills the whole card.



Welcome, have a look at the British Isles thread under Language & Geographical Community section.

There will be plenty of UK postcrossers to help you, plus the occasional discussion on the different combinations of stamps you can use.

There was one of those a few years ago. Someone sent a postcard of the Royal Wedding and the insufficient postage sticker got placed over Prince William’s bride!

As for the postage, you aren’t very far off international economy (surface mail), currently £1.45, but that rate is currently only available for items outside Europe.

2 x 1st is currently £1.70.

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Thank you everyone! They got there okay!