I just sent postcard SS-2 from South Sudan

While in South Sudan as a tourist I used travel mode to send five postcards. Wonder what happened to SS-1? Why isn’t the official count for countries working? Or is it only counting postcards actually received? The lowest number I had sent before was SO-10 from Somalia. By then the official count was three, I think. Here are some photos from the post office in Juba:


Wow, thanks for sharing this! :smiley: May the card travel safely.

SS-1 probably never arrived and fell of the system after 365 days. I think the number doesn’t get in the system again, otherwise the IDs given out to bigger countries would be very incoherent if such old IDs came up again.

So actually you’ve sent the first postcard from Sudan again!


If this will ever arrive. My information is, South Sudan has no outgoing mail. All mail is collected by the south sudan post and will be sent, whenever it will have a outgoing post. But maybe my information is just old.

Have you asked if this sending to abroad is working actually?


You are absolutely right so I had to bring the cards home and resend them in envelopes. Since they have domestic mail I bought stamps for the cards and got them canceled with a nice Juba cancel.


This is what it looks like.


Wow ! You are great tourist ! :muscle::blush: I saw now how much countries you visited! It’s fantastic really! Oh , now we are all hope to be one who receives SS-2 :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Wonderful stamp with cancelation! I wish you great trip ! Stay safe! Take care of yourself! :raising_hand_woman: Thank you very much for sharing it! :love_letter::heart_eyes::heartpulse:


Thanks for sharing your experience!
It’s interesting and also a bit sad about the postal conditions there, but I’m sure they will improve a lot in the future! Wonder if this condition also happens in few underdeveloped countries in the world, or maybe a remoted country/territories


Hope it is travelling to me…

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Thank you so much for share this information with us.

Thank you for sharing.
When they arrive it will be one less country without postcards:


Wow, amazing, you did a marvelous work!

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I really hope it didn’t go to one of those ghostcrossers who never registrate - so many wasted cards having been sent to them. I’d jump over the moon if I got such a postcard! And I hope the receiver will do so as well.


What was the reaction of the postal employees?


They were happy to sell stamps. The man on the photo with the white shirt helped me put the stamps on and he canceled all the cards with the cancel device seen at the bottom of the photo. I had 25 postcards with me. No cards are available in South Sudan.


It appears that there are two denominations on the stamp 1SSP and 50SSP. Can you explain?

Nearly all stamps available were old stamps (well…from independence) overprinted with new values. The only new stamp was a 200 SSP “Struggle against covid-19 pandemic” stamp from June 2020. Since I couldn’t use the stamp value I only put on a small value stamp on each card.


How much does it cost to send a postcard from South Sudan?

I don’t know since they don’t have outgoing international mail. I brought all cards home and resent them in envelopes from Sweden (and that is expensive…)


26 SEK = 2,49€
More than twice the price from Portugal to the Rest of the World !!

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Dont forget to upload the photo.