I don't need 3,000 stamps! (USA)

I am enjoying having a variety of stamps to use. Sometimes, though, they are only offered in large quantities (3,000). Do people chip in together to buy stamps in large quantities? I would love to find ways to have access to more, without having to foot the entire bill myself.

:wave: Which denominations are you looking for? I’ve always assumed the 3,000 coils are for business buyers, so I don’t bother. Though the 1c Apple, 2c Lemon, and 3c Strawberry are very pretty, the face values all have 20-count alternatives.

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Those are the ones! But I don’t see the option for the 20-count for those. I have the Tiffany lamp 1c, teapot 3c, and Navajo 2c.

3000 are really many, we only have like 500. I noticed several people joining up to buy one of those and split it afterwards.


Yup, those are the alternatives I was talking about. I get what you mean though; wish the fruits came in small sheets.

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Do people purchase stamps in this quantity, as a group? Is this considered appropriate for people? Or I suppose it would be personal preference?

Not sure. But if we can get at least 10 people, I’d be happy to coordinate the pool. That’d still be 300 stamps x 3 :grimacing: but ~$20 total.


That is what I was hoping people would be interested in doing. I am noticing there is much “business” conducted old school- on your honor. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’d love to join in on a split; these stamps are very cute. The small denomination fruits are very useful when I’m using vintage stamps. I don’t have a need for 300 of each (my partner would kill me if I brought home 900 stamps), so I admit I’m crossing my fingers for more people to join.


I’m especially fond of the lemons. But would never be able to use 3,000!

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YES, if my husband knew exactly what I’ve been doing! :hugs:
The more, the merrier!


They would 100% be hidden in the closet to avoid the teasing :eyes: :sweat_smile:

I usually buy them from Ebay for above face value. $5 for 100 etc

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As an aside, I just received a card with like a ribbon of pear stamps, I think, on the bottom.
It looks just like washi tape, so pretty. :heart_eyes:


I’ve had my eye on the Wild Orchids for a while–until I discovered that the minimum quantity available on the USPS website was 3,000. They’re also available in a coil of 10,000! (Unfortunately, my husband said he was unwilling to buy a $5,500 coil of stamps for me for Valentine’s Day. :laughing:)


I was hoping to receive some of those stamps… now you tell me it won’t be easy… :frowning: oh well, I’m sure there are other nice stamps you don’t need to go bankrupt to buy :slight_smile:

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I’m not sure, but aren’t those orchids available in a $11 booklet too?

@tracykinal @valdavid
I’d go in for a portion of the strawberries and lemons… :strawberry::lemon::strawberry::lemon::strawberry::lemon::strawberry:

@lovely-weirdo Can I upsell you on the apple, too? :crossed_fingers: There’s info on the group buy in this thread:

The Wild Orchids were definitely also sold in booklets of 20. It appears that they ran out of those on the website. Maybe if you had their mail order catalog, you could order from there? Or go to the USPS Ebay website.

@pjsubway, they are! Or…at least they were. They’re definitely available somewhere, just not currently on the USPS website. :wink: @syaffolee, good idea! I have their catalog; I could go old-school and do a mail order. (Meta:dark_sunglasses:)

@imbrito, as soon as I acquire the $11 orchids, or win the lottery and acquire the $5,500 orchids, you’ll be the first to know! :smile: