I am looking for the sender of this card

Hello from Poland! I received this nice card a few days ago. I would love to register it in the PC but it is not identified (sent early September this year).
The sender did not enter the ID number and did not write his name.
PC Service Support can’t find it either. This is the first time I have had a case like this.
Maybe the sender will read this and write a PM to me?


Hi Joanna,

I hope your sender is on the forum and can identify themselves!

If not, perhaps you could consider adding a line on your profile? Something like

To xxxxxx from the US, I have received your Greetings from Louisiana card sent on (date). However I was unable to register it, so please send me a message and let me know its ID, thank you!

Sometimes senders do check their recipients’ profiles so maybe they will reach out. Best of luck!


And they didn’t use enough postage (just 1 domestic stamp) so likely it’s a new member and from a private swap or tag since admins have no record of it

@coastalcheer is a new member and the only image of card sent is the same card.

She lives in Louisiana, in New Orleans.

Not a forum member.

It might be worth sending a message through her profile to ask if she sent the card.


Hi, you can contact the Postcrossing admins for help :slight_smile:


Actually, there is also the global forever stamp, only under the address - haven’t noticed it at first, either. So the sender actually overpaid, I guess? Might really point to a new person on the site.


Thank you :slight_smile: Yes, I wrote it yesterday.
I think similarly, I also check the recipient’s profile when my postcard has not been registered for a long time.
I also wrote on the Postcrossing group on FB.

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I tried twice, they replied that there was too little information.

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This might be a good lead, thank you. I’ll do it soon!


I’m guessing they started off with the smaller value stamp and realised their mistake and added it.

Oops, missed that…looked a sticker at a glance…

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I think the problem is, the card expired a long time ago. I’m 99% sure it was mailed in September 2022.

no no. At first I thought it was 2021. But you can see 2023 when I zoom in.


Oh wow, really? That’s a first. Usually they are able to figure out.

Alright, let’s see how we can solve this.

Sender is from Louisiana, USA.
There are 118 members from Baton Rouge.

Twenty (20) of them logged in the past month.
The rest were 3 months towards 11 years.

Here are the top 20 people who might be the sender (Updated):

Not the sender:

Possible sender?
@Pappenheimer - Possible Sender; a card he sent was successfully registered by @thaens (Barbara) and has been contacted; awaiting response to match handwriting/stamp/cancellation marks. Date of last logged in matches the time this card was registered and generated a new one (possible the one with @Jona_)

Please let us know if you are the sender.

Hope this helps, Joanna! :slight_smile:

LATEST UPDATE: It was a blind swap!

THANK YOU to all that responded, we appreciate it!


Not me, but I love that card! What an interesting journey it’s been on.

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Would it help to wait until 60 days after the postmark to ask one more time if you have any expired domestic USA cards drawn mid-September? That should narrow it down.


I am YvonneJC……I did not send the card. Hopefully you will be able to find the one who sent it. Good luck!


What name was signed? You could check each of the members in Baton Rouge and perhaps message the ones that might be a match. The card was posted in Baton Rouge but they could live elsewhere.

Yes, I was in a sort of “Sherlock Holmes” mood yesterday, and I went through a list of about twenty Baton Rouge Postcrossers who might have mailed the card. I went to each of their profile pages, and then their “sent” cards page, hoping to find a “Greetings from New Orleans” card that matches the card above. (It looks like the type of card that the sender might mail multiple times). At any rate, no matches. (There’s no guarantee that the sender is from Baton Rouge anyway, even though the postcard was postmarked there). I did notice, however, that one of the Postcrossers that I checked (and is also on your list) was last seen 24 days ago and has sent and received only one card, and is obviously new to the hobby. (And the misplaced stamp on the postcard above would indicate that the sender of that particular card is also new to the hobby).


Sorry it was not me