I am getting many address from Germany only


when i am click to send to postcard button. its giving 99 percent German country only. its getting irritating me… please rectify this… this postcrossing world have 207 countries… not in Germany

thank you

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Your stats says you have sent 50% to Germany not 99%


I think you can’t do much about it since German postcrossers are the majority. Their postal service works fast, many of their cards travel faster knowing that they’re located in Europe (where many postcrossers are too), so German addresses will be available more to draw~

This topic has been discussed many times I guess lol

Try to think that you write it to a person rather than an address in Germany :slight_smile: . Eventhough it’s only Germany the people aren’t the same and the region where the postcrossers are, not the same either. There’s always variety if you look deeper

Most of my cards go to USA (due to restrictions), I can’t do much about it but USA is a big country and person in Florida isn’t the same with people in New York etc. even people from the same state have different story too!


Have you checked to make sure you don’t have “send to repeated countries only” ticked? (Click on settings, then profile, and scroll down to near the bottom of the page.)

But even if you don’t have that ticked, you will send more postcards to Germany than any other country. We all do.

As has already been said, this has been discussed many times. This is one of the threads:


I’m pretty sure the op has this option enabled as he has only sent to 4 countries so far. That is highly unlikely without that option.


Don’t forget the postal monitor. India doesn’t send mail to 115 countries.


Yes, I thought that too.

I’m going to close this topic here, because the solution has already been provided: @moganesan please check your profile settings and switch off the option that indicates your preference for exchanging postcards with repeated countries. This option is off by default, and must have been switched on by you at some point. It’s fine to turn it off, if you’d like some more variety.