Hurray proposal

I would like to propose to implement an option to have hurrays on a PC-site. It doesn’t need to be visible to a public - only to sender and receiver.
You see, now hurrays are coming to a mail-box and even the great ones can get easily lost because you can’t save them in a mail-box and there are lots of the other letters. Sometimes it is cool to read some of the hurrays you’ve got over the years and looking for them in the mail-box even if they are not accidentally deleted is painful.
Having this option on PC-site would really make life easier.


That would be interesting indeed. I’m not sure if it’s doable though. On a side note, there’s this post about how some people deal with their Hurray messages as they are now.

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Think about finding an email account where you can have folders & save them - that’s what I do. I’m using Gmail & it works well.


We had that in 2018 for a very short time.
But many users were against it because of data protection.
You can read about it here in the old forum
Hurray message on Postcard page

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Thank you for your reply! But I have to say I’m a bit shocked - using postcrossing means you are already giving away your personal information (your address). That’s the risk we are taking if we want to be a part of the project. I can’t see how having an optional feature like Hurray can increase the risk of personal data getting leaked. If you still feel unsafe you may have the right to not use this feature but someone who is willing to take the “risk” shouldn’t be denied this opportunity.

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I write my most favorite “Hurray” messages in my journal, so I can remember it and
be glad another and another time… :wink:

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I didn’t even notice it at the time, I wonder if this was for everybody or for a few as a test? I always got my Hurray messages in my email.

When the feature was active (which was only for a few days, so if you didn’t have any cards registered in that time, you probably wouldn’t have noticed), they didn’t stop sending emails. In addition to the email, the message was stored on the postcard page, only visible to sender and receiver.

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I like this proposal too! I’m sure that there are people who don’t read often their e-mails but who oftener open PC-site. I open my mailbox many times during the day, and that’s why I can see Hurrays. But I also receive many other e-mails every day, so, that’s why Hurrays become lost between them, and if I need to find later one of Hurrays it will become a problem because sometimes I don’t remember from whom that Hurray was received, and I’ll need to read many of them until I’ll have found what I need… And the last point is that sometimes receivers of my cards or senders propose to become penfriends, I accept the proposal by a message but there’s no answer (maybe because they don’t read often e-mails…). So if there was this feature, I think, postcrossers would remember that they wait a reply from someone.

I see, that’s probably what happened. I read the post in the old forum now, it was very brief.

@angelicca & @EugeneOnegin - the discussion in the old forum is quite long & detailed, commented on by many, including 3 long posts by Paulo on the Admin’s thinking & re-thinking on it. After that discussion, given all the concerns raised, the decision was made not to go forward with the feature.

It’s quite a complex issue for what seems initially like a simple change - that old Forum discussion raised many issues I’ve never thought about before as I’ve contemplated things I’d like to change on Postcrossing. I learned a lot.

I’d suggest everyone spend the 20-30 minutes to read the whole discussion there.


Yes, I read it all this afternoon, it was quite interesting, as you say, at first sight it seems rather simple, but there’re some other issues.

Yeah, there sure are eh? My admiration for Paulo & Ana gets deeper every time I get a better glimpse into the complexities of making Postcrossing work - there’s so much to weigh & balance and sometimes there are no right or straightforward answers.

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