What do you do with hurray emails?

i couldn’t find any topic about the hurray messages we all get in our mail and i was curious. what do you do with those?
i have kept them all but i was going through my email and well. it’s a lot. so i started to sort them out i mean at least i don’t need to keep the empty ones? but some are very long and specific and i love to read those sometimes, a bit like going through my old cards.
so. what do you do with your hurray emails? do you keep them? do you read them sometimes? or do you just put them in the online trash can straight away?


I recently set up a label in Gmail so that I could tag all of them. I only have the hurray messages saved that I received this year since I started up again. (Unfortunately, I switched email addresses in one of my inactive periods and all the older hurray messages have been lost.) I do like to read some of them again and I imagine I’ll cull some of the shorter ones as I receive more. For now, though, there’s not so many and it is manageable.

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I have a separate folder in my e-mail inbox. there they are sorted. also find it a shame to delete them. i’m always happy when an email comes and the recipient is happy about the card.
I’ve already thought about printing them all out. file with a copy of the card. then they cannot be lost.

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I’m a bit crazy about organizing my e-mail. My inbox is always empty, unless I haven’t read it yet or I still have to “deal” with it (answer/ confirm). I have a lot of specific folders, this goes to Postcrossing e-mails. When I draw an address, I keep it in the inbox until the postcard is written, then I move it to the PC folder - this way I evoid forgeting to send it. All the hurray e-mails go to that folder too - some I find interesting to re-read, specially when the person shares something nice or curious. Directs swaps go there too, so I can control what/when/whom I sent and received a card, etc.


I keep all my e-mails, so of course also all hurray e-mails. I don’t do anything special with them, but I have responded to some interesting e-mails, and some have resulted in a longer conversation or a swap.


oh my… you make me feel like a totally cold hearted woman… :cold_sweat:

I read them, and delete them… Im glad to know they arrived, but that is all. It is nice to see they were appreciated but my email is already a mess, no need for more clutter.


I do literally nothing :joy:
I read them and leave them be. If they’re amazing I read them again over the next few days and that’s it.
I don’t organise my non-work mailboxes. Postcrossing emails go to the one I call my “public” address, the one I use to subscribe to things or give to strangers (I have another one for personal things like email from friends, so it’s quite empty since everybody uses social media now, and things I don’t want to miss like bills and work things - but of course I have a work email for work). I have had the same one since about 2003 and never really cleaned it up :joy:

So that’s it. They stay there :joy:
I used to sometimes delete the ones that Postcrossing sends with the address when you get one to send to (I use the website and not the email anyway), but once I was convinced that someone had changed address just days after I posted my card to her, but I had deleted the email and couldn’t prove it (the address on the site had changed, which I discovered totally by chance). So now I don’t delete those either.

Usually acknowledge and delete when I get hurray emails

I am with you! I also just delete them after reading. The neat, empty email account is my goal and I have heard that saving data on servers is using energy so deleting emails is better for environment. Not sure if that is true, but at least it helps me to clean up email accounts. I am happy to heard what receiver liked of the postcard, but I know I will never come around to read the message again.


Unless they contain some information (sometimes I ask in postcards for musical or film suggestions) or a really nice personal thank you message I’d like to remember and reply to, I also delete them. :slightly_smiling_face:

The ones I save, they are going into the postcrossing/hurrays folder in my email, but I don’t keep them forever (if I change my email, I will likely not bring them along as I have the need to restart clean).

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I copied all the hurray messages to a separate offline database app. I made a list of the card IDs, sent and received dates, the card images, and hurray messages. I do like to read it sometime, especially on days without any mails (both real mails and hurray emails). :slight_smile:


I read them. And sometimes I reply to them and that might lead to some exchange. But after some time I delete them for they become too much.

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i used to keep those emails at least until my card had arrived in case something might happen. but nothing ever happened so now i just delete those as soon as i mailed out my cards.
like most people i do like my inbox as empty and organised as possible. unfortunately i have gmail and i can’t put the hurray messages in a different folder (just tag them, as someone mentioned). so my inbox is mostly just hurray messages.

yes! i’ve heard that too. it’s one of the reasons actually why i try to delete as much emails as possible. but then i’m on the forum all day and i’m sure that’s just as bad :sweat_smile:

I keep them for a while and then maybe once or twice a year I clean up my email and delete them.

You can file e-mails in subfolders in Gmail. I usually do it on the list view, see screenshot (cut to the important parts for privacy). Just use the folder icon (move to) instead of the label icon after having selected the e-mails you want to move. The list of folders is identifal to the list of labels, the difference between the two is that a label leaves the e-mail also displayed in your inbox, while the folder removes it from the inbox.

While it technically is true that storing data on a server does use energy (which you can overcome easily by downloading it to your computer), you will only make a difference if you delete so much data that one less harddrive will be attached to that server (usually several terabytes). Of course if we are all reducing our online szorage significantly and are using the same service, we can indeed make a cumulative impact, but just for storage it will be a low one, just the energy to keep the harddrive running in idle or power save mode. What really eats up energy is accessing data online - the harddrive needs to speed up and read (or write) data, the server’s processor must work, and all the wiring, hubs and switches between your location and the server location need to work, too. If you are on wi-fi or mobile connection as opposed to a network cable, the energy consumption again increases significantly.

Being on the forum all day will consume a lot more energy in total that just storing some terabytes of data in the cloud, the biggest energy user is your computer or other device (if it would be switched off, it wouldn’t consume any energy), but that is still moderate energy use, as the internet infrastructure only works for you the few seconds when a new page is loaded or you post a reply (though the new forum does waste more energy as the old one because it is regularly checking for updates on threads you currently have open, which the old software did not do - but if you refreshed pages frequently the energy usage isn’t much different). The real energy eater for the internet is moving around large amount of data, and therefore streaming of video or audio are by far the worst offenders. Energy usage of the entire internet infrastructure increased from a small town to a mid-size city with the introduction of streaming portals, and the COVID-19 lockdowns have led to another surge of energy consumption. For the COVID-19 surge, that is more than compensated by all the empty office buildings not needing much energy as heating/cooling and lights were not much needed with no human inside.


That’s actually an interesting reading!

I take a screen shot of the email and put them in a Folder on my desktop…

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I do nothing with them, sometimes reply, but my heart jumps and I smile every time I see “Hurray!” in my email box!:slight_smile:


I used to save them all but now I save only certain kinds.

Hurray emails are my favourite part of postcrossing after choosing and writing a postcard. I think, they make me even happier than postcards in the letterbox :laughing: Of course usually there’s nothing special, but sometimes they are very interesting, especially when I have to bring my big Finnish-Russian dictionary :blush: After reading I sort them to a special mail folder. Once I was sad and read some messages from that folder and I was sad no more :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: