Hurray! Messages - Usernames entered in text ‘greyed out’?

I’m having a problem when I post a ‘Hurray!’ thank you message - when I enter the sender’s username in the text it ‘greys out’/doesn’t provide a prompt for the name/doesn’t link through to the users biog and, I presume, doesn’t alert the user to the thank you message. It doesn’t happen every time, so I did wonder if it was because the sender was no longer active but it’s done it with users I do know are active :woman_shrugging:t3: Does anyone have any clue why this is happening? Any help gratefully received! Thanks, Carol

Because @tomphila is not a forum member


Not all active Postcrossing members are on the forum. You can only tag them on the forum if they joined the forum. The user in your example post is not on the forum, but they are active sending “official” cards via the Postcrossing site.

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Because @tomphila isn’t a forum member I remove your post in Hurray! 🎉 Official Cards from Forum Member to Forum Member - #1335 by Florallle and the answer of @LC-Canada too.

This Topic will be closed soon, because the question is answered.

Thanks @yudi, @SilverHare and @Bille - appreciated :+1:

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