Hurray! πŸŽ‰ Official Cards from Forum Member to Forum Member

Thanks @tpuchalski!

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thank you kevin @kjbdog for your postcard :heart_eyes:

thank you harry for your postcard @KindSir :heart_eyes:

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Thank you @Namibia13 for her kindness in making a DIY Envelope surpirse for me.

A. Surprise envelope
B. Keep Calm postcard
C. Swinging Green tea tontry
4. Number 13 in print no idea why, it’s lucky to me

It’s always fun when a wish comes true in reality


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@Xanka received the postcard I sent her:

And so did @GalinaTolmacheva :

And I’ve received some great postcards already this week. This is from @nephthys51 :

And another maxicard, this time from @rat777:

I recognised @Malocar 's avatar from the forum as soon as I saw it. She sent me this:

Thanks everyone for these fabulous postcards.


I got this one from @varn today:

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My round robin pc pal @Xiru! Was it a shock to pull my name?! :joy_cat: how many times have you had to read my profile? Lol thanks again!


Thank you @geo_

Thank you @Anjelikka

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Thank you @Seracker :hugs:

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I received this beautiful Olympics card from @siobhan. Thank you one more time!


After we met in a RR today I got that offical from @Wynnie


This gorgeous cat was sent to me by @lindah :

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Thank you @themarvelhill


and @Blue69


I received this postcard from @Jellinge

This budgie from @eagle1

And these yellow throats from @AmandaLovesBirds

Thanks to you all :two_hearts:

thank you sergio @Xiru for your beautiful meetup postcard :heart_eyes:

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Adorable dog from @kanerva2


Today, this market scene came from @IndonesiaRaya

And this pretty flower postcard from @suorittaja

And this bird from @Nao616

@matt319 registered the postcard I sent

@Jenny72 registered this one

And @chacoco2 just registered this

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I just received a fabulous postcard from @sarahaeyo:

Thanks again, Sarah!


I got this one from @kurea_s today!
It is so beautiful!

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my postcard has been registered by @Leenamummo :heart_eyes: