How you do write a message on the back of a meetup card?

Any ideas for how to write a short message on the back of a meetup card? I am going to my second meetup soon and last time, I wasn’t prepared for how the stamp/ signature would go. After receiving all my cards back, I had no space to write a short message. May I see your meetup cards to see ideas how to write a short message while still getting lots of signatures/ stamps from meetups? Thanks!!


It is a challenge!

Some people just send Meetup cards with no message, or maybe just circle their own stamp/writing so the receiver knows who sent it. Others may send their cards part way around the table and gather them up after maybe 8 or so signatures so that you can squeeze a message in between. Or box off an area and ask your fellow PCers to use the space outside it. Or have some fully signed by everyone and have other cards you leave blank to use as a regular card. People have done all kinds of things. Mostly, just have fun - both with the Meetup and your Postcrossing. There is no perfect solution, so don’t sweat it too hard :blush:

  • Write the cards in advance at home (if you already have them)
  • Cover a part of the message area with a post-it or something so you’ll still have space afterwards.
  • Draw a line on the card and ask people to sign below it

I sometimes write a very short message in a series of little bubbles in-between the stamps, and connect them with arrows.


I’ve gone to one (great!) meetup so far. I purchased 20 cards and only had a few stamped/signed. I kept the rest out of the signing process so I had room to write messages :slight_smile:


I second this! I did this at the last meetup and I didn’t have to tell people not to stamp/sign there. I may have used a 1.5”square or 2” square post it note.
If you’re worried that people will still stamp/sign, you can come with prepped sticky notes that already say “reserved space” or “do not sign/stamp here” so that when you receive your meetup cards, you’re ready to go!


I’ve used washi tape that is easily removable over the signatures (5cm wide). Then placed an address label on the washi tape for the message. The recipient can then easily remove the tape, and the label with it, to see the signatures.

I use the same strategy for profiles that ask for stamps because their husband/wife/parent collects them. I put the stamps on washi tape so they can be removed from the card without damage.


I actually requested for all my cards not to be signed/stamped because I enjoy decorating and writing on my cards. Sometimes I might take out one or two and go around asking for autographs instead of letting them be part of the “production line” :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


I’ve never seen a meetup card with a message.
Only lots of stamps and signatures on the back


Usually I also use a postit to cover a quarter of the postcard - and I use a very fine fineliner and write very tiny so that I am still able to write more than just greetings :slightly_smiling_face:


I have some cards that are completely covered in username stamps on the message side. My solution for including a message has been taking a small piece of paper and taping the edges of the paper down with washi tape in the message side. Then I will write a short message on the taped paper and explain that they can pull up the tape to reveal the stamps underneath if desired!

I think it works out really well if you want to make an existing meetup card a bit more personal :slight_smile:


This is what I do - get blank cards so I can write a message instead of having it filled with stamps/signatures


For me the question is why would you want other people’s stamps or signatures on the postcards? It is a genuine question. As a receiver I don’t understand the motivation because those signatures have zero value to me. Unlike a message from the sender. So I keep wondering why people do it? :thinking:


It’s the same for me, I like meeting cards as nonofficial cards from forum members, because they thought of me at the meeting and usually they include at least a small message, but official meeting cards from other countries without any personal message also are a bit disappointing for me. That is the reason why I always write messages on the meeting cards I send out!


Maybe add a removable paper for the name stamps or meeting signers, and use the card itself for the message? So if the receiver don’t care about who were there, they still have the message on the card.

I feel strange to receive a pre-stamped and signed card from members I don’t know.
Almost like getting a used card, which is not ok in postcrossing.

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Because it can be fun.

And I dare to add: not all cards have to provide this unique-message-true-connection-from-heart-to-heart-thing some users seem to expect from each single card. Some cards simply have a generic greeting, some have the profile text, and some have some colourful stamps.

And if one still needs value: check the signatures for previous contacts you had, count the colours, study the stamp design, memorize 25 usernames, … (don’t take it too seriously)

And if one really can’t stand a card with some stamps/signatures, but no life-changing message, then feel free to mention that in your profile (which still is no guarantee, I know)

And to clarify: I always try to add some lines on a meetup card - sometimes on top, sometimes in serpentlike lines between the various signatures, sometimes next to the stamp.
But if it’s not possible, I don’t feel like I have commited a crime against postcrossingkind.

As for the OT - I agree with all the advice, have seen it all already, post-its, pencil remark, washi, also also the additional layer covering the signatures.


Also, maybe, already when designing the card, leave a little empty in the down part of the image side, and the signers sign there. I would like such, sometimes there is the photo of the meeting area, and it would connect the ones who were there, to this place, and the other side is for the message and the sender (also more clear to see the sender).

Edit. Like this type of “polaroid” looking, maybe enough room for the signers under the photo:

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It’s a nice idea, but could cause some trouble because the front side of postcards have usually these special surface which you can’t use for stamps… the ink will never dry :slightly_smiling_face: I was once at a meeting where by mistake the backside was like this as well … we all ended up signing with our signature, because stamps were simply not usable…


Some places offer matte version.
Yes, I agree, glossy could require everyone have perfect pen for it.

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I prepare the meetup cards in advance when I can, message included. And I when I can’t, I use the post-it trick mentioned above with " :arrow_down: Please sign below, thank you very much :heart:" on them. Generally works like a charm.