How would you feel if the recipient was trying to swap a card you sent?

Hello, I just wanted to write a topic to ask what you think.

I happened to see a card that I myself sent and the recipient of that card was trying to trade that card. I think it is up to the recipient to decide what they want to do with the card, but my feelings are a bit mixed. What would you think if it was a handmade card made for that person, or if there was a message written to that person?


Depending on the card, my feelings might be hurt. To me selecting a card and writing the message is like giving them a gift and it’s a special and personal thing.
But you have to think that for people that receive thousands and thousands of cards, they can’t possibly have a deep connection to every single card they receive. And something very special to me maybe is not to someone else’s tastes, even if I was sure it would be. And that’s okay. It still brought me joy to send.
And wouldn’t it be great to have a card you sent passed on to someone who asked for it, traded something to receive it, and was excited to have it?


I’d like to say I would be rational and not care. It’s out of my hands and I can’t expect every person who gets my cards to keep them. But I would be lying if I said it wouldn’t break my heart.


I have more than 30.000 postcards, some written, some unwritten. With that much cards I often receive cards I already have. If I have this card unwritten, I keep the written one and send out the one I had. Perhaps it’s the same here.


I don’t think I would be very happy but maybe he already has the same postcard and therefore wants to swap it. I swaped many times to pick up already written postcards, despite the fact that the postcard was not written for me, if I choose it, because it has something special for me and has good memories. Don’t worry, if new person chooses your card , then they will love your card much more. It is better to find a new home for the card, where it will be loved, than to throw it away in any case :woman_shrugging:
I love used cards :blush::love_letter::two_hearts: It is not known how many owners your postcard will change in 100 years :blush:


For me, I wouldn’t mind. I usually give out LouPaper postcards of Arizona and I’ve had people I’ve sent these postcards to swap it with people that are trying to collect all 50 states of LouPaper


I feel little weird about it.
I have noticed some persons keep multiple profiles and ask for certain series. Then they get these for all their profiles, and use them as “money” to swap for something. Themselves sending nothing what they ask, or the “equal” quality, but maybe few similar tourist card to everyone. (Which are good cards, but still makes me feel weird and that they are using others someway.)

I don’t buy much card from any series anymore.
If it’s handmade, weird still. (I don’t send empty handmades.)

I buy old cards myself too, but old, that the persons are dead. I don’t sell or buy cards that have a message to a person that is still alive and recognisable (like the id number), because somehow I would feel I’d need to ask their permission.

If the swapped card is empty, then I don’t mind at all.

No. Because postcrossing is about communication, not gaining and passing on “trade goods” and trying to benefit the most what is sent to one. To me it feels almost like selling other’s personal information.


If it was a handmade card, I wouldn’t feel too good if somebody was trying to pass it off as their own. I would expect them to at least give credit to the original creator.

I wouldn’t care much if somebody was recycling a regular postcard but if I was on the receiving end of a recycled card, I would want to know beforehand that I am trading for a recycled card.


Oh and this of course.

A little while ago I saw a profile where they told they send their unwanted received ones to others (as officials) :face_with_raised_eyebrow: (I wrote about it to the postcrossing team.)


Realistically they should be able to do whatever they like with those cards. Especially if they are blank.

However, personally I’d be a little hurt by it as I’m selecting the cards very carefully and it’s a very personal process. So I get that you feel mixed about it.


I think this one could’ve been a mistake in translation from the person writing it. Maybe they wanted to say “please keep this kind of cards and give to the ones who like them” (I’ve seen this on many profiles)

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To be honest, it doesn’t bother me that much. Perhaps the recipient is one who is happiest about a card at the moment when they took it out of the mailbox. And if by exchanging they get a card they like better than mine, it may indirectly make them happy a second time.
There are so many different reasons why someone does this. And if the decision to exchange this card of mine is the right one for them, then that’s perfectly fine for me :slight_smile:


As others have said, not a big deal. I trade / sell received cards all the time. If I don’t enjoy a card, someone else may.


I can’t control what they can do with cards that have left from my hands. Let them go to places that people will like or appreciate them. Even if they are heading for recycling, the more reasons to make nicer handmade cards. Maybe improve your skill to make greater cards that will make people think twice before discharging from their collection.


OMG! How do you store them?


Well… To know that my handmade card goes into the bin would definitely not motivate me to put even more skill/effort/time/money in future handmade cards :grimacing:

I think it is okay to give cards away (they get a second chance) but just tossing them feels like wasting something that could have brought joy to someone else.


Once I send the card it is literally and figuratively out of my hands. Can’t control if it even arrives, let alone what the person who got it does with it.


I don’t like people swapping written and stamped cards that I wrote and sent to them. I’m uncomfortable with the idea of my written messages being “owned” by people they weren’t intended for. Ultimately, though, this is all out of my hands. It’s none of my business what people do with any of the cards I send them, and it’s better for my cards to go to someone who will like them than to stay with someone who doesn’t.

Same concept for blank/unwritten cards, but I don’t mind at all in this case, emotionally or rationally. If it can make someone else happy and complete their collections, then that’s lovely!


This is only a part of it. :joy:


Amazing! I’ll be happy to get 300 by January. Do you organise by country?