How to send postcards from the US?

This is what my overlap looks like. Will that not work? :frowning:

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That doesn’t look too bad. You could try to send it out since it’s already been stamped…the worst they could do is not deliver it. From what I can see, I’m hopeful it will reach its destination. :+1:

EDITED to add: I’ve received cards/envelopes before with a little bit of overlap like that.

I was going to say the same … it will probably go. Problem is, unless you put your return address, you won’t know it didn’t get delivered till it expires! Personally, I’d drop it in the mail box and send it on its way!

Thanks!! I work at USPS but I don’t handle the stamps/finances. I’ll show my boss tomorrow to double check. Thank you for your kind words and help!


Please tell us what your boss says!

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I think that is going to be fine. Its obviously not cancelled and its just a little overlap. But probably best to avoid in the future.

Yes!! I sure will!

Hey - I just realized you’re going to receive a card from me soon! Hope you like it - and the stamp!

Oh my goodness, yay! Thank you for letting me know. This is so exciting!

Yes! It absolutely will work, and I combine different dominations adding up to $1.40 on a regular basis, even frequently. Included are some beautiful combinations I have sent out intentionally recently (within the past month). I like to photograph what I send out so I can reference back to it later when I receive a response.

I can help you with any questions you have regarding this, because it took me a while to fully understand.
The combination you suggested will work, and you already know you are a slightly overposted.


They approved of my stamps!! :slight_smile:


I love the $1 stamp, I can only find it online in the USPS store. I wish it was available in the PO.

I sometimes overlap the edges of the stamp and never had a problem.

Welcome! Here’s a thread I’m the North America section of the forum that goes over that question.

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You might find this thread helpful:

Question about how I should do stamps?

As of Nov 2022, the current postage must add up to at least $1.40 for international postage and $0.44 for domestic US postcards. Prices will be going up again in January 2023.

This is one of my favorite threads on the forum:
What stamps do you use on postcards/letters? Show us!
You can see lots of amazing examples of how people use multiple stamps to add up to the correct amount.

Easiest right now if you want to use current USPS postage is probably 2 domestic Forever stamps plus one additional ounce brush rabbit stamp, that’s 60c + 60c + 24c = $1.44 (so you’d be paying an extra $0.04 per international postcard)


Haha, that’s me! Hello, me!
I use a ton of small value vintage stamps currently for my international letters. I also work at the post office. If you have any questions, @BionicgalZ , you can also PM me.

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And another thread to help you:

The very last post in the thread has a link to a calculator, but I can’t vouch for it

I always buy my US stamps in bulk from USPS stamp fulfillment in Kansas City. I also bought a large amount of colorful 20c stamps at a stamp show to add to the (2) Forever Stamps to pay the International rate.

Yes any combination that equals to the current international rate.