How to report a user profile

So it was my understanding that people are not allowed to write in details what cards they want and what cards they don’t want. I got a message that popped up while creating my profile that said it’s a violation of community guidelines.
Long story short, I came across a user who straight up says NO VINTAGE POSTCARDS. I only have vintage postcards, and I can’t buy a whole new set just so I can please this person.
Is there a way I can report the user or their profile for violating the community guidelines? If so, how can I do it?

On your home page, Click on HELP – Contact - Select: I need help with - select - Accounts and Profile after that give Username and describe the issue.


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You are still free to send whatever you want, @yealin0911, as long as it is a postcard.


I agree, send what you have. If you like, you can write that these are the only style of cards you have, so they don’t think you are “punishing” them by sending just what they don’t want.

But of course reporting is not a bad idea, although I think there are not many members who only can send vintage cards. And, there might be a good reason for someone not wanting want them, but maybe they had written it if there is such.


I’d send them what you can - that’s all you need to do in terms of Postcrossing’s guidelines. And you could report them, but there are thousands of profiles that specify “NO X cards” so the horse has left the barn on that one I think.


People can’t make Demands in their profiles. But it is perfectly okay to express preferences and those types of cards you’d rather not receive. And this applies to persons you mail cards too. Don’t be so quick to report people. We are here to have fun-not walk on eggshells.


I don’t mind preferences. People listing their preferences usually also put “But I’m okay with any postcards, I can’t wait to see what you send” of something of that sort, because they know not everyone can cater to their wants.

This person made a specific demand & they have a list of cards that they WANT and DON’T WANT. We’re here to freely exchange postcards, not help people find the “perfect postcards” for their collections. That’s none of my business, quite frankly.

I have contacted the admin, haven’t heard back yet.

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But are you sure that you really can’t get any non-vintage postcard? Even one?

Unfortunately yep, there aren’t any places that sell individual postcards near me so I have to order in a bulk. And the bulk I got has vintage designs. I don’t want to spend money on buying more postcards before using up the ones I have right now, haha.


Wording might be influenced by their English language ability. Some languages sound harsher than intended, especially when put through Google translate.

Send a card (if you draw the user). Don’t stress about it.


I would recommend sending what you have and trying to match a different interest, like if it is of lighthouse and they like that. Worst case, preferences are allowed but they don’t actually matter, send what you want to and just write happy postcrossing with the ID largely written. The faster they register your card the faster you can send to someone else :slight_smile:

You can also check gratis postcard by @anon95027724
There are always ways to get cards


Thank you, Yudi! Yes the March Gratis Offer of Unwritten postcards is still open. All welcome, even US members!


It is a shame to see how quickly you jumped to report a profile with such a preference listed. You will find that a lot of people do not enjoy vintage cards (and many that do!). I say this because I can guarantee this will not be the last time you see this preference listed in a profile that you draw. Could they have said it nicer? Sure. Does it warrant reporting to admins? I don’t think so. You could simply ignore the request and send what you do have. That is all you’re obligated to do.


In my eyes there wasn’t any reason to report this person. :pensive:

You simply could have send a postcard and ignoriere the wish.
You could also tell on the postcard WHY you chose a Vintage postcard.
Further you could tell before that you can send only such cards (though this will take the surprise).

A lot of possibilities before reporting, don’t you think so?


The reporting is not the end of the world.

There are conversations where people claim getting cards from their “please no”-list, and they believe these(all?) are sent as punishment. Maybe this “no vintage” -person will believe so too, falsely. So, by contacting admins, they might advise to take this “no” away, or at least they might more easily understand someone doesn’t have any other card.

And for me, when I draw an address, I only take it when I want to write it. So no matter how many free cards I could get, it doesn’t help, because I don’t think I would wait weeks to write that card.


I wanted to stay Out of this, but…i don’t get why Not even writing to this Person?
Just “happy postcrossing” Sounds Like a punishment for me! Receiving a Card that is Not really wanted plus The Person is too lazy to write…
(Her profile offers Lot of questions that she “suggest” to be answered)


I have stated in my profile I don’t want postcards including nudity, so if you ever get my address I understand I will be reported. However, I’m not willing to change that line from my profile.


To be honest I even don’t understand why you want to report a user profile. I’m new here but before sending my first postcards I checked some profiles and saw people have wishlist. I ordered postcards and stamps online according to the wishes of different people. I consider this respect to send what a person likes. The main idea is when someone receives my postcard he/she will be happy. Also imagine you have only nudity postcards and you can’t send them to Iran or Saudi Arabia. Or maybe a person have arachnophobia and you send him/her a big tarantula postcard (it’s just obvious phobia, some people are afraid of doves and etc.) I can understand why people specify what they like to receive and don’t. Nobody wants to be stressed because of your postcard or even have problems with law.
P.S.: I hope you don’t report me because I didn’t mean to hurt you. I just advice to look at the situation from the other side. Also I’m not a native speaker and if something sounds rude for you this is because Russians prefer bitter truth than sweet lie and say directly what they really think.
P.S.S.: Wish you the best of everything and happy postcrossing!


On my 10 years postcrossing “career”, I have seen a lot of people who specify they have arachnophobia and snakephobia too. Although it is not a matter of just preferences here,but rather a phsycological one, I respectfully never sent them a spider postcard or a snake one.
For me, if someone writes that “Please don’ send me vintage,nude, religious” etc,postcards, this is absolutely no reason for a report. It is not forbidden by rules too.
But if a user writes “Don’t send me postcards of this and that or else I will not register them”, then yes, this is a reason for a report. That is because you cannot make demands. But reporting someone because he doesn’t like some kind of postcards, is not something I would personally do.