How much time do you spend on each card?

How long would you say you spend getting each card ready to send? Do you add anything special to your “official” PostCrossing cards or just write them out? I’ve gotten some beautifully decorated cards and often wonder how much time and effort has gone into making my mailbox happy!

I usually do mine in batches when I have 10 free slots, and it takes somewhere between 1-2 hours (depending on how many times my kids interrupt me lol).


I could say I spend around 10 mins (average) for each card. Sticking washi tapes, stickers, stamps, writing addresses and the messages. I have no skill to doodle or to draw so I just use stickers

I write on weekends, and send the cards on Monday usually, and I could write 10 cards without a pause,so 10x10 = 100 mins (time goes by fast if you’re enjoying the moment)

Just like you I send cards in batches, most of them from tags (yes tag game is addicting!) Lol


That sounds like an interesting thread! I’ll check it out. Thanks. :slight_smile:

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Anything between 15 minutes and 1 hour. :smile: Depends a lot on the recipient. Sometimes it takes a bit longer to choose a nice card and stamp, sometimes I have troubles with writing… Writing Chinese characters takes more time (I don’t have a printer) and using languages I don’t master so well (French, Russian).


Usually around an hour total. I first compose a message on a separate piece of paper and edit it as needed until I have the longest and most interesting message that can still fit on a postcard. Then I write it out carefully in my neatest hand - not the sloppy hand I use for things like jotting down grocery lists - and address and stamp the card, and check the address twice. I feel like the only way I could write them any faster would be to either send everyone the same generic message, or write only a few sentences, neither of which I would appreciate receiving.

Now, maybe if I was better at composing a long message in my head and knowing whether the whole thing would fit, I could write good cards in more like 20 minutes, but I’m not.

For handmade cards I take much longer - up to several hours - but I don’t send out too many of those. Only when the recipient says they like handmade AND are interested in something I’m good at drawing, AND something about their profile makes me willing to put in the extra effort!


It usually takes me about 20 minutes to select and write a postcard. I don’t decorate the back, I am just a very slow writer. If I make a postcard, that typically takes between 5 and 15 hours :sweat_smile:


The whole process - chosing the right card, deciding what to write, then write & address the card - I guess takes me between 30 minutes and 1 hour. But then, I tend to write a lot and I have a big selection of blank cards - which sometimes makes chosing the right card a long process, too :slight_smile:


I normally request six addresses at a time and prepare the cards in stages. I’d say one card takes ten to twenty minutes.

First, I read the profiles one at a time and select a suitable card for each person. If someone is very picky it might take a while. Then, I read the profiles again and select stamps for each person.

The next stage is preparing the cards. I again read the first profile (by this point I normally have a feel of what kind of a person they might be) and then write a message that is just for them. I apply the stamps and write on the address. Then I move on to the next person and the next card. Sometimes there is overlap between the messages if multiple people want to hear about my day or something else fairly specific.

Finally, I take and upload a photo of each card.


It really does depend upon the card and the person receiving it.

If the person says they would like hand decorated or washi tape on it then it can take me a long time.

Some times I spend far too long thinking upon which stamps to use.

The message is the quickest part for me. Although sometimes I end up looking up and translating new words.


I compose my message on a separate piece of paper as well before transposing it onto the postcard. I’m glad to know I’m not the only one!


From choosing the card to finish writing and decorating, hard to say for one card but for 3 cards the average would be 1 hour. There is usually one easy, one very difficult and one average when choosing a card and stamps, in the profiles.

I just timed myself from the point of drawing an address to the point of putting the finished card aside, and the whole process took me 35 minutes. This one was actually quite fast, because the recipient didn’t have that many cards received (I like to go through each recipient’s wall to see what kind of cards they have already received, from my country in particular), the address was simple (no Cyrillic version) and we had a lot in common, so the message was easy to write.

I’d say that usually getting one card ready takes me close to an hour or even more. I examine the profile and the wall carefully, after which I choose the card, scan it and put the stamps on. Then I write the address and the ID (twice) as neatly as possible, both of which I double or triple check. I’m a very thorough person, and it often causes me some trouble. When I was a teenager and actually suffered from OCD, it got extremely bad with Postcrossing. I had to check everything multiple times, one letter and number at a time, and it almost took away all the fun. By the point where I was fairly sure I had made no mistakes, I was exhausted. Fortunately I’m a bit more relaxed nowadays. :relaxed::+1:

I always decorate each card, unless the recipient specifies that they don’t want decorations. I might try to pick stickers according to the receiver’s interests, and I also try to match them to the colour scheme of the stamps or the front of the card. I doodle a lot, too - tiny weather symbols, country flags, hearts, envelopes, paws if I write about animals (and I often do as I love them :paw_prints:)… I’m a visual person, so decorating is something I really enjoy. Writing the message is what takes the longest time for me, though. I have a tiny handwriting, and I can easily fit around 200 words on a regular sized postcard. I usually can’t write that many cards in one sitting, because my writing hand gets tired and starts to ache. So do my eyes, too! :joy: Sometimes I think I should learn to write a little bit bigger and sloppier. It would save me some time and energy.


Not very long, but I don’t do any sort of decoration at all. Most of my cards have limited message space for only a few sentences, if I write small. I try to say something different (unique) for each, according to profile info. If not, then two or three sentences about where I live.

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I would say about 15 minutes. That includes reading their profile, looking through their favourites/received from my country, putting on the stamp and code, addressing it, writing the message, and adding a few stickers/rubber stamping.


I’m starting with postcrossing, so it might take a while to get used to them…

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I can spend the whole day on it ,or I can write in 20 minutes…

Hi Elena. Welcome. I think you have to type in English here but I could be wrong.

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Hi.Sorry. l don’t know English very well,but if that’s the case, I can write in English too. :slight_smile:


I write pretty fast, so mine don’t take very long even if I write quite a bit.

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I’m getting a lot of cards that just say: ‘Happy postcrossing lately.’ It’s not as fun… As I like to read something.