How many days do YOU personally take to mail your postcards?

After drawing the name I try to ship the same or next day. I wish I could mail things from my apartment but I can’t.


Sometimes the same day, sometimes the next day. Once or twice it’s waited a couple of days, what with one thing and another, but I try to only draw an address when I know I can write a card and get it to the post office pretty promptly.

Still, I don’t stress if it’s two or three days.


Generally, I only draw addresses if I can send them the day of or the next day. I’m lucky that I currently live close enough to the post office that this is not a problem, even with the current pandemic restrictions.


Weekdays: mostly next day, sometimes same
Weekend (and holidays): next weekday

There are a few exceptions though:
When someone has a special request, mostly handmade cards: I need to think a bit about it and I need the time for crafting (mostly at the following weekend).

When I plan to attend a meet up, I will draw addresses 2-3 days ahead, to have enough preparation time.


You seem very articulate, organized and interesting.


Basically the same as @Cassiopheia. I usually try to draw addresses on weekdays because I can send them out on the same day or the next day.

Sometimes I draw on the weekends because I would like to have more time to write my postcards, but I’ll mail them out immediately on Monday.

I wish I had a mailbox from my home too, but the mailbox isn’t too far from my house so I just need to make a slight detour whenever I head out.


You know, I’m realizing I lied a little bit. >_>

I say I don’t stress when it’s two or three days, but honestly I do stress. A little. I just remind myself that the card will be longer than that on the road, and no one will mind greatly if I draw a card on a Friday and don’t get it in the mail until Monday.


Usually within the same week, this last bunch tho, time got away from me and a month flew by! I lost my days off when i was going to send them and it took that long to get caught up on house chores and other things that took precedence. I had a stack of 18 waiting on me.

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A day or two. I generally request addresses in the evening, then send the next day. If I’m unsure which card to send, I may take an extra day to choose one.

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I tend to send all my cards on a Thursday or a Friday every week.
So i might take anywhere between 7 days to 1 hour :smile:

18 incoming or outgoing?

It depends. I mail my cards in the post office and it’s a bit far from my home, so I need to take the bus. Sometimes I mail it in the same day and sometimes time goes by for a few days.

There was one card though that took me months to mail, I had drawn the address and tried to find a specific card and did it - but by then there was an ongoing mail suspension to Japan and I couldn’t send it. I do hope it gets to the receiver now…

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I like to take a midnight walk to the postbox on the same day i draw a name.


That sounds pleasant if your area is safe enough for that.

It’s just a 3 minute walk :smile:

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I usually get addresses on weekends or days off, sometimes I used to do it in the evenings of a weekday but not recently.
Usually I mail it the next time I go out (but if it is, for example, a Saturday evening, then it will still not leave the postbox until Monday), but sometimes I forget so it could be 2-3 days. Especially this year since I don’t necessarily leave home every day, at least in some periods.

Occasionally I waited a bit longer because I wanted to get a specific card. I don’t go out of my way but if I know the perfect card exists and I just ran out of copies, I go and buy it if it is convenient enough, but it might take a few days.


That’s very thoughtful of you!

I get the addresses just as I am writing postcards. I then put them out for the mail carrier. I write them in the morning and they are typically picked up by late afternoon.

18 outgoing. I had anticipated sending on my days off and ended up having to work extra.

I used to draw addresses the day I was sending them, or the night before. But that was in the US, when I could just put them outside my door to be picked up.

Now I draw them when I think I will probably be going to the post office to mail them within a day or two. It doesn’t always happen though, so it can be anywhere between 1 day and 5 before I actually get them to the post office.

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