How long should a postcard travel for

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Newbie here, I sent a postcard to Getmany and it says it’s still travelling 47 days later is this normal? Will it always show up as travelling? I think it could have been lost in the post. What should I do?


Hi, I don’t know how many days normally a card will arrive to address in Germany. But considering elsewhere in the world many things are still restricted and sending mails isn’t always done by airmail, 47 days is still tolerable. (I have one card to neighbouring country : Malaysia and it’s been traveling for 78 days / expired) . Could be lost, could be slipped in somewhere in the post office, we never know

Maybe it’s nice to wait a bit longer, your traveling card will be expired after 60 days but when it arrives it still can be registered (under 365 days)

Some people would send a card again, but I guess it’s not a must

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welcome! sometimes cards expire. it sucks but it’s part of the game. could be because the receiver has quit postcrossing or because the card got lost.
it’s your own choice to decide if you want to send another card, but most people don’t. i definitely wouldn’t resend after 47 days. mail can be slow, for any reason.

oh i forgot. your card will say expired after 60 days, it means it opens a slot and you can send another card. the receiver can still register your card. after a year (365 days) your traveling card will disappear from the list, it cannot be registered anymore.


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You can read about opinions on what to do if your mail travels for a long time here:

You don’t have to do anything if your card travels for a long time. Just continue waiting. Once you sent your card, you fulfilled your Postcrossing “obligations”.

As I just had a lovely exchange with another Irish forum member I can tell you, that mail between Ireland an Germany can travel really fast - it was just 4-5 days each way.

But sometimes cards do get stuck on their way at one place or another. Most will continue traveling and arrive at some point.

What you can do is check if that user is a very active user. You can see that when looking at their profile and see how often they send or register cards.

If you like to you can contact them - either via Postcrossing Message or via the forum if you can find them here (three lines on the top right corner, choose “users” and search for the name).
But don’t be disappointed if you don’t get an answer - many Postcrossers don’t answer if they are being asked for cards that haven’t arrived.


And you can read here how to find out the average travel times to other countries.


I would say it is not normal but it can happen.

Usually USA to Germany is 10-14 days. Same for Germany to USA. I have had USA to USA take longer than that.

I also had a card to Russia that expired but then was registered 2 days later, so there is still hope!


But what can you do, for example, if the other postcrosser hasn’t been on his profile for 30 days to register cards? This is the case with me. My card to this person has been on its way for ages. 55 days

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I was the weekend before XMas in Dublin and send myself a card, it arrived last week!

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There is nothing you can do, other than message the intended recipient.

If the card expires, it opens up a slot for you to send a card. Sometimes it can be registered after expiration.

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OK thank you😊

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I have now sent this person an email. Just take a look. Otherwise this card will unfortunately expire.:pensive:

Just be patient.
I sent a card from Geneva to Rome in June 2021. It arrived just today, 7 months later !


Thank you so much everyone, I’ve learned so much with all your answers just from this one question. I didn’t know what expired meant and thought I would be in trouble.

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7 months wow

Wow 7 month

Well, I noticed that postcards are travelling very slow recently. Since the end of November I think. Now, I have one travelling to Germany with 23 days on the counter, which is unusual for Germany - normally 5-6 days. Since November -7-10 days.


I agree. Postcards to everywhere seem to be taking about double the time they were early last autumn.

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Delighted it arrived after 59 days of travelling