How Good is your Postal Service?

Lets face it, postal services in many countries were border line sad before Covid. Afte covid, it got worse in many places. It is getting harder and harder to send postcards in many countreis. How does your postal service rank? Do you agree with the graph or you think your postal serivce is better/wrose?


Mm, I suppose Aus sitting at a 7-8 makes sense globally?

I will say, they’re not super resiliant/reliable and there is very high demand. Sometimes I’ll get a bunch of things all in one day and nothing for the rest of the week, it annoys me because I know I have incomings - why not just put things in my box as it comes, I’m not even far from my local post office :frowning:


Same condition here, recently i hadn’t received anything for months or two, but now I asked my Postie my birthday is coming so please do some sorting of mails if any mail is held at postoffice and literally received 100+ mails in one week, and many more on it’s way i guess

But india post is very reliable and fast for foreign mails,all my cards get delivered fast:)

My Indian cards don’t reach me fast:(


I don’t really like how our postal service works. Postcards are delivered for a very long time in both directions, even at a priority rate of 45-60 days : (My postman seems to come only once a week, on Wednesdays, and sometimes there is no mail on Wednesday, if, for example, it rains. This makes waiting very sad :frowning: :umbrella::maple_leaf::fallen_leaf:


I’m a bit surprised to see the Netherlands so high. All I ever hear is complaining about the postal services, especially when it comes to package deliveries.


Malaysia seems fairly high but its dreadful here. Postcards come every two weeks and its reliable only in the sense that it delivers postcards in a month’s time.

At least its cheap for local mail and international postcards


Switzerland is high though service is deteriorating. Smoothly and probably not noticed by many but becoming more obvious. Especially on Saturdays cards often do not get delivered anymore though they should. I wouldn’t mind but after a pretty high increase of stamp prices last year one starts asking question about quality.


Postal services are not very good in Finland these days and are getting worse all the time. Finns don’t trust it generally speaking, in the same way as in the past, so we prefer to send things electronically.

Prices go up but quality goes down. Officially, mail is delivered 2-3 times a week, but it doesn’t always happen in some areas. The area where I live often suffers from a lack of postal workers (I have received information about this), so sometimes it takes longer than normal to receive mail.

Mail travels slowly even within Finland, it may take more than two weeks for the card to reach a neighboring city.


I think the quality is very different in different parts of Finland.
In bigger cities it can be hard to get the workers, as the salary is not good (like some workers need to get benefits on top of the salary).

For me, even in one of the biggest cities, I’m mostly happy. All mail and swaps I do within Finland, arrive in a week. From northern Finland mail sent to me arrives most quickly. I think 99 per cent sent on Friday, is here on Monday or Tuesday, depending on which is the delivery day.

I would rate 8 or 9.
I do miss the real post offices though, and having mail delivered from Monday to Friday, but it the lesser delivery days makes it not need to raise the postage even more, I’m very ok with that.

Extra thank I would give, how often I get old mail, even to address where I lived 10 years ago.
I don’t pay any extra from this, and lately someone sent me my old swap, with too little postage, it was still found it’s mine, and I got asked if I care to pay the missing amount + some on top of that.


In short, we have a flunkie running the USPS. In the Corporate world, such a person would have been canned years ago. But no…he still runs things. Under his oversight, his wacky ideas to improve the USPS has had the opposite effect. The only thing that is reliable is stamp price increases every 6 months now.


I find USPS wildly uneven. It’s like the poem about a little girl: “When she’s good, she’s very good, but when she is bad, she is horrid.” Domestic cards can take anywhere from two (business) days to two weeks. My post office engages in the nasty trick of some Out for Delivery mail not loaded on the truck, so to clear that they scan it as Delivered in the post office building before the end of the day instead.

The employees themselves are mostly very nice, trying to do their best. In the 2.5 years I’ve lived here, I’ve had three or four items that were for a neighbor, and the same vice-versa. Delivery time is usually late afternoon, so am envious of folks in countries where theirs seems to arrive in the morning. Earliest I’ve noticed has been a few times around 1 PM (13.00), while 6 PM or so (18.00) has happened a few times.

It seems to take about a week for incoming international mail to get to me once the plane lands in USA. Our sorting machines, unfortunately, do a lot of damage! :cry:


Compared to the postal services in most other countries, the USPS is a superstar. That said, the service is inferior to what it was before the shutdown. Even before the shutdown, it was worse than it was twenty years before that. One amazing thing I noticed is that the countries with the best service are also the ones with the lowest rates (with some exceptions).


The map shows the United States Post Office with high marks, but post COVID, service has become terribly spotty. I live in a small apartment in a city and very much feel like a second class postal citizen. I have heard the USPS is very short staffed, and can grudgingly accept the problems that causes. They seem to have no difficulty delivering my bills, and sales flyers begging me to spend more money. And, as mentioned elsewhere, they raise rates regularly. Perhaps the problem is more that I am remain in my heart a letter person and the world has shifted to digital messaging. I utilize the media, but receiving a text is not as satisfying as getting a letter or postcard. We have a small post office in our neighborhood, and I enjoy walking there to drop off letters and packages. I chat with Charles, who is behind the service desk, till the others in the line become annoyed at my taking too long to transact “business.” It is not business to mail letters! I suppose, my relationship with the Post Office is a love/hate type like with many other organizations (and people).


It depend on how close the mail distribution center is located and how “active” in terms of receiving mails.

I’m lucky that my mailbox receive mails everyday except weekend and when the weather is too hot or raining.

Domestic mail is quite terrible. The card I sent back to myself took 10 days to reach me.

Long time ago, it used to be 2 days or at most 3 days delivery. When I sent a letter, it arrives within two or three days later and within peninsular Malaysia. It used to be so efficient. But now, at least one week is regular traveling time.

Oversea delivery is efficient (agreed with 7-8) but domestic delivery is inefficient (3-4).

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Other than the fact that the mail I send keeps arriving without postmarks, I can’t really complain about the Cyprus Post.

I can complain about my postman though who has no problem letting all the neighbourhood’s mail getting soaked in the rain while he goes from door to door holding it in his hand.


not good, it says most mail items should be delivered in Europe in 8 business days. that’s two weeks at most, well, if anything takes three weeks nowadays I consider it fast…
But things to me arrive fast, so who knows


I would give this a low rating - Lloyd

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The 9-10 score for Japan is correct, in my opinion.
Please understand that this is from the perspective of a foreigner living in Japan. :blush:

  • Mail is delivered everyday, except weekend, for my area. Even when there is no mail for me, I can hear the postman stopping at other houses nearby.
  • Your mail is really taken care of. That’s why postcard from Japan can be thin, very thin even. But locally, it will be delivered in good condition.
  • When I say “really taken care of”, it also applies to mail delivered to you. Soaked postcards were sent to me in a plastic cover, with an explanation that they tried their best to clean and dry it and restore it as best as they could, prior to sending it to my mailbox. I was touched by this, really.
  • You can arrange for re-delivery for packages/ registered mail in the day and time slot that you desire. I found this to be very convenient.
  • During pandemic, I can only send to some countries by sea mail. After 2 months, some were sent back to me, with a sincere apology saying that they couldn’t find any ship going to that country in anytime soon, nor would there be any ship going there in months ahead. Postal service to that country have been suspended, as there is no mean to send anything to that country, sadly. The good news is, when things are better, I can resend them all again. I wrote my address for all sea mail, and depends on destination, sometimes I also write it for airmail.
  • Almost all information about post/ mail are available online, in very clear and detailed explanation (in Japanese). Very updated too
    You don’t have to ask at post office and wait until the postal worker gather the info and explain it to you. Just check the website, and it’s all there.
  • Beautiful postmarks available on demand, including via mail order, with no extra cost except for the postage fee (no stamp, no postmark).
  • Most postal workers in Post Offices are very kind and facilitating. I did meet a postal worker who were a bit rude and spoke to me in different tone compare to when she spoke to Japanese customers. But, it was only one, among those who are polite and kind to customers.

The 9-10 score is well deserved. :+1::+1:


Sometimes the USPS is their own worst enemy. Many years ago, I used to drop off packages before work; the branch near work opened at 8:30 AM. Then the USPS Marketing bean counters decided to change that branch’s hours to 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM. Think about it. If you had a 9:00-5:00 job, the only time you could get to the post office was on your lunchtime.

After a few months of this fiasco, and driving most package business to United Parcel Service, they changed the hours back. Boneheads…


I think Peru’s rating is accurate, though I believe it has been improving little by little. In the past it was quite hard to find stamps at any post office, and you could only find them at the main post offices but the stamp/philately counter only worked at certain hours. Now they’re available at most post offices, but this change is quite recent. My outgoing mail reaches its destination almost all the time, same with incoming mail, although my mail is delivered once a week or once every two weeks. They tend to just collect my mail until they go by my house, so I receive a bundle of postcards instead of one or two everyday, I’m not a fan of it, but the postal service is always understaffed, so they do their best.

I think the rate has more to do with parcels and packages. My brother buys plenty of things online and they arrive most of the time, but the tracking tool on the postal service’s page is not very reliable. His things are delivered to his home address and he works from home, so he’s always there to receive them, but when this is not the case, it’s very annoying to go to the post office for pick up because many times the mailman hasn’t delivered the packages back to the office and you have to go back and forth just to check if your package is there. They’re improving their communication to fix these problems but there’s still work to do.