How fast do you send a postcard?

I try to send it the next day, but for my last two I waited a week because I spotted something in their requests that I might be able to fulfil as I was planning to go to the city on the weekend. I found what I was looking for and for the first time sent postcards that were requested. I felt really proud of my self because it felt like a made an effort.
Also, I usually only get to the post office later in the day so it gets collected the day after or on the next Monday if I put it in on the weekend.


Usually I will send within a day, but sometimes it is 2-3 days. Only one of the three post offices in my town has Saturday pick up, and I rarely go to the one that does Saturdays, so sometimes I have to wait through the weekend. My main post office is right by where I work so it is easy for me to drop cards off on a break (makes for a lovely walk to get out of the office!).