How fast do you send a postcard?

I wanted to know how fast you usually write and send a postcard to a member.
I am new here since September 2022 and I try to send postcards the same day I get a new address,or just the day after. Sometimes a little more later if I need to buy a new card which fits better.
And you?


Usually, I try to send the same day or the next. There was a couple of times though that I had run out of stamps and sent 1-2 weeks later. :sweat_smile:


I don’t draw the names until I am ready to sit down and write the cards. For RRs and lottery winners I will usually write those on the weekends


I try to send my postcards the same day. I look and get an address and make it a special time just for me to write the postcard!


I usually send like you, the same day or the day after.

But I notice postcards take a lot of time of travel nowadays. When I started in Postcrossing (2006) it was the half of time or less. And much cheaper. For example, it costs 0,34 then and 0,75 now to Spain, 0,64 to 1,65 to Europe and 0,78€ to 1,75 or 2,10 to the rest of the world and some far countries.

Worse service and much more expensive


Usually the next day, sometimes the same day unless something unexpected happens in life, lol.

One of the things to work on when you’re newer to Postcrossing is to figure what images/cards you’d like to send to others. It can take some time to figure this out & then build up a bit of a collection of cards, including where to buy or get cards made for yourself.

For example, I made a decision early on to mostly send view cards of Canada & so that’s what I buy & I’ve had a lot of fun having cards made from images too. I don’t do series cards like MOTW (Maps of the World) or Blue Cats etc & I do just fine. You need to figure out what cards will work best for you.

Remember that you can choose to meet someone’s wish list for cards, but you don’t have to - you just have to send a card, especially when you 1st begin Postcrossing. Enjoy the journey!


I write mine immediately and then put them in my handbag for when I next pass a postbox, which is usually later that day or possibly the following day.


I usually do the same day or the next day. Only once I pulled an address and couldn’t write the card until a few days later, but that’s unusual. I try to be mindful of the fact that someone is waiting for a card.


I write the address in my address book, and write card in a day or two, sometimes it gets delayed due to studies but i remember everything with help of written data


I know that I am not obliged to make the the wish of a member but I really prefer to send a card that suits the tastes , it gives me more joy .
And yes I always have a collection of different cards but sometimes when I read a profile I want to buy a special one


Yes same I try to send as fast as possible because someone is waiting , especially when we are New member.


I am lucky to have a big and varied stock of popular cards and beautiful stamps, so my habit is typically:

  1. Request an address, and then right away:
  2. Read the profile
  3. Look at favorites, especially for my country. If I have a favorite, check to see if they’ve already received it. If they have not, that’s their card.
  4. Find a card that meets their wishes. If they don’t have wishlist, a full profile, or many favorites, then I will just do my best with the information I have to choose any nice card.
  5. Choose 3-4 themed stamps that match their wishes/card
  6. Choose washi and stickers; decorate card
  7. Think about message; write something meaningful. “Postcrossing is about connecting”

The quickest I can typically do this is about 12 minutes; usually it takes 18-20.

So it’s best for me to draw a name, do all of the above immediately, and then draw another name.

Then I mail the same day.


Within hours, if not the next day.

As mentioned above, postal service has been slower these days so I try to get it into the system as soon as I can so that the card begins its journey earlier (and hopefully reaches it’s destination earlier!)


You have a good habit! Usually ,I draw the members at the same Time , I can’t wait to see who is next .


Me too , it is all done in a few hours most of the Time to leave my house as fast as possible.

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I am doing exactly the same!!!:relaxed::relaxed::relaxed:


Me too, but for another reason: I like nice numbers, so when I draw …67566, I immediately try to get … 67567 as well! :smiley:

I sometimes draw addresses during the day to write them later in the evening (a little treat in my lunch break :slightly_smiling_face:), but mostly it’s a workflow where I choose and write the cards right after drawing the addresses.

And if there’s a special date, like December 6 (St. Nicholas) and I want to send a card matching the event, I’ll draw adresses even if I don’t have time to write them now - I’ll write them the next day.


I do the same, i feel like i would forget otherwise.


I draw addresses and write/decorate cards on the same day, then send them out the next day. I notice the post office I go to doesn’t always send cards right away, so the sooner I get them out the better, to avoid even more delays.


Hi,I draw and write the card at the same time and sent it the same day.Sometimes the next day.Happy postcrossing.