Homemade envelopes, theme: Nature

Hello all,

This time I would like to introduce you to a little hobby of mine.
I like to make my own envelopes.
For that I buy very large books in thrift stores.
Therefore, (almost) all pages must have large pictures on them.

Other times I have chosen buildings, including once a book about the North Pole.

This time I bought a nature book.
I love nature.
And because spring is coming, I am showing this now.

Some pictures of the envelope as I first draw it and cut it out.
In the first pictures I also show the back, and the front when the envelope is folded and labeled.

I usually send cards and letters in these envelopes.
I then look for the right colors together or an image to match the image on the card.

I’m very curious to see what you guys think!

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What a wonderful idea! I think I have a trip to Kontti (a Finnish charity shop) to make :grin:

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Hi Anneke,
All those envelopes look stunning. Great work.
Thanks for sharing.

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I think it’s brilliant! I’m sure the recipients will be very happy to receive such pieces of art


What a beauty!!! Thank you for sharing with us and showing us how easy it is to make envelopes.

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Wow, Anneke! This is great! I love it!
And you inspired me. Recently I received a swap package from a postcrosser who also folded their own envelope, and I was thinking about trying this myself sometime. Your instruction is really helpful/inspirational. And besides that, I love to visit thrift stores. :slight_smile: I often go there to browse their card collection, and also music/children’s books, and atlases, for my homemade postcards (You can see a few of them here: Handmade | Zonerama.com)

Thanks again. I think your envelopes are lovely! :heart_eyes: Am definitely going to try this for myself soon.


This is wonderful. Something I definitely want to try.

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Wow! Now I’m sorry I gave away so many of my books


I love your envelopes, they are so beautiful! :grinning:

I’ve wanted to make some, too, but somehow I never get round to it…

:green_heart: :fox_face:

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They are amazing! :heart_eyes:

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This is EPIC! I love the images you picked and i never even thought of using large book pages for this.
Thank you for sharing!

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This is so cool! So much better than buying plain, white envelopes. I’ll need to find a tutorial for this and try it out!

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Very beautiful!

I also make envelopes occasionally from photo calendars and old sheet music.
I also picked up a few coffee table books in thrift stores and at flea markets, but did not have the heart to cut them up yet :see_no_evil: The only one that worked was an old atlas :laughing:

@Angelthecat has a genius wooden template of which I’m very envious!


No need to be jealous of that.
you can very easily make 1 yourself from cardboard.
you take the back of the calendar or the thick outer cover of the book for it.


Your envelopes are awesome! I’ve actually been looking for a thread like this one. I make envelopes from calendars and just got an old atlas from a public bookcase to turn it into envelopes as well.
I also made my own template from the cardboard back of a calendar and it works very well.

Edit: Here are some pictures :slight_smile:


I’ve made a few myself, but nothing as stunning as these!! :heart:. Thanks for sharing….I’m off to find some good picture books!!!

Hi,It´s great.Do you use a model for the shape of it?
translate in Dutch gebruik je een mal voor de vorm?
I tried to fold a card and it`s not so beautiful like these are.

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To get started, I carefully took apart a purchased envelope that seemed suitable to me. Placed those on the cardboard. Draw line around it, cut out cardboard, done.
Meanwhile, I made 5 different sizes and models out of cardboard, not all cards and letters fit nicely in the same size.


Yes, this is how I do it at the moment. But the nice thing about the wooden template is you can use it with a craft knife with no damage.

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sigh… yes … there have always been rich and poor people …

:slight_smile: :face_with_hand_over_mouth: