Hide a received card image (rather than delete)

As a new Postcrossing user, I was surprised to see that the image I uploaded for my sent card disappeared after the recipient registered my card. From searching the forum, I learned that this is not uncommon. Some users, like my recipient with more than seven thousand cards received, regularly delete images of postcards they register.

Why not change the “delete” option to “hide?” As in, the sender could still have their image on their sent wall (yay!), but the recipient’s wall wouldn’t show any record of the image they chose not to display (good for them, whatever their reason).


I think this is a good idea.


It would not solve the problem, when the sender uploaded image that has my information in it, like some type of cards has images on both sides. I don’t want my address to be visible on the sender’s wall either, and having the option to delete it at once is safest.


I’m not sure that would be so easy to do in terms of the website’s structure & software coding.


Thanks for your response, this helps me understand why some people would want to keep the delete option the standard. They want to ensure there’s an instant way to remove an image with their address.

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I think that it’s been established that once the postcard leaves your hands, it no longer belongs to you.


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