HAWAIIAN language speakers - Help needed

Hi everyone! Any speakers of the HAWAIIAN language here?

Some days ago I received an envelope with two blank postcards from Poruba-Ostrava, Czech Republic, along with a brochure about historical Poruba (in Czech language) plus a handwritten two-page letter from the sender! :astonished: :astonished: :astonished: I was unable to understand anything because as it turns out the letter is written in the Hawaiian language. The ending of the letter is written in Spanish, which I did understand. Unfortunately, when I wanted to register the envelope received, a notification popped up saying that “Sorry, but CZ -xxxx can’t be registered anymore because the sender is no longer participating in Postcrossing. Consider it as a bonus postcard to you!”- what a pity, I can see on the envelope that it was sent on 6 April 2022, but it looks like the user decided to delete their account.

All in all, would anyone be so kind to translate that letter for me?

Thank you! :blush:

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@sannah82 and @hola_olaaa, I’m sorry, I saw this topic some time ago. I’m not fluent in Hawaiian and couldn’t translate this except in little bits and pieces, so I tried getting some help, but was not successful.

I’m moving your question to the translation topic in the Help section of the Forum, where it might get some renewed attention. Also, in the interest of preserving the sender’s privacy it will eventually be deleted there.

Thank you @maleko
I have deleted the pictures and hided them in the ediing history.

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