Haven't received any postcard yet

Hi, everyone!

I’m really new doing this and this is my first time writing on the forum. The thing is I’ve sent several postcards since I started here, but I haven’t received a postcard from other postcrosser yet. How could I know if there’s actually a postcard traveling to me?

This has discouraged me a bit. I would like to hear from you who have more experience. :wave:t3:


Hi Indira,

first of all: don’t worry, you will receive postcards eventually! :blush:

Your first postcard was registered in Germany on 28th of January. That is the day, when your address was first given out to someone to send a postcard back to you.
The travel times to Chile aren’t the shortest on Postcrossing and I’m afraid, the pandemic is slowing things down even more. So it just takes some time - weeks or even months - for a postcard to reach you.
Postcrossing is rather slow in the beginning, especially in these days, but I assure you it will pick up speed and as long as you keep sending postcards out, cards will come back to you too. :blush:

I hope, I could ease your mind a little and wish for your first postcard to arrive soon!


Same situation here. I still got only one. Don’t be worried. Surely some cards are heading to you at the moment, but they will take some time than we think. Especially with these Covid-19 restrictions.


Hi Indira,

Welcome in the club! Me too, I had the feeling of having to wait ages for the first cards. But-I’m from Germany, and that’s maybe the “fastest” country :flushed: South America seems to be on the slower side, currently…

I started to get into RRs, tags and swaps here at the forum, and I’m really glad about that- it’s even more fun, maybe.

If you’d like, send me your address as pm, then you’ll get a card from me…

But be assured- cards are on their way to you!


When a card you sent is registered, it says " Now YOU will receive a postcard from another random member… keep an eye on your mailbox!" at the end of the email you receive. That is your sign right there that a postcard is now heading your way. :wink: Of course it may take a few days until a member draws your address and actually mails the postcard, but your address is definitely given out.

My postcards to Chile took between 9 days (a small miracle!) and 92 days, so you may have to have quite a bit of patience. But it’s also true that after a slow start postcrossing picks up speed nicely if you keep sending out cards. Hang in there!


check your address and see if the account is also active; if so you should have some coming to you.

cards from Russia take their time so they could be from a slow postal country.

perhaps see if you can exchange with your own country.


China Post is quite slow, too. It takes ages for cards to arrive to other countries so everything slows down. Maybe we can have a swap? (both poor little starters)


One of the ways to help with the slowness of the beginning is to do swaps, tags etc through the Forum - yes cards will still be slow, but there will be more of them coming your way & some will get there quicker than others.

Be happy to swap with you from Canada!


I have not received any cards either I bet it will be 6 weeks before I get my first.


I’m new as well. The waiting in the beginning was very difficult…but they eventually came!

There are some fun videos on YouTube of postcrossers that show there postcards received that sounds unusual to watch…but I enjoyed it while I was waiting. There are also people that post their card making on YouTube.

So try searching postcrossing on YouTube as you wait, maybe.



Oh, and I’d be glad to swap a card from NYC if you would like, as you wait for the officials.


It took four weeks or so for my first ever cards to be registered, and yes 6 weeks in total since I signed up to receive my first. At the moment, mail to the USA is painfully slow, from a lot of countries nothing seems to get through to the USA in less than a month, sometimes two. Your first card was registered about a week ago, even at the best of times that would be a very quick turnaround.

Never sent to Chile myself but I know that it can be a long journey to South America!

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@IndiraC You can also look at the statistics of other users from Chile to see how long cards were on the way to them.

Explore —> Search ----> Members —> Select a country: Chile
Best way to find out of the current situation is when you sort the list by “order by last login”

This is a user of your region - see how long the cards were on their way to her:



Dear friend, I’m also a new postcrosser. Well, we can swap each other just to begin this exchange) you’re welcome to write me in PM your adress. If you want) I can send you registered mail, where you will be able to check the track number.


I sent out a bunch of postcards in March and have only received one since. I decided not to send anymore until more come in, but none has in 4 months. What is going on and what do I need to do? It’s not fun when you don’t receive postcards. I love seeing and collecting all the different postcards from around the world.

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Statistically, in a project like postcrossing some things go wrong, like anywhere. That some of these mishaps* happen concentrated on you, is some extreme rare case of bad luck.

You can ask admin www.postcrossing.com/contact if they know about the cards traveling to you - where from, reliable users, time frame -

But in the end, all you (we) can do is sit and wait. Knowing that it will even out eventually.

*sender forgetting, insuffice stamps, accident during transportation, stealing postal worker, sender boycotting you, broken postal connection, stealing neighbours, fire at distribution centre, cruel sorting machine, adress issues, adress lables falling off, …


@purple24 When I moved your question I thought that you are a new member, but now I saw that you came back some time ago.

Are you sure that you givven the right address or did you move in the meantime and have forgotten to change it?

Why did my post get sent to another post for new members? I haven’t moved in nearly 10 years. I’ve been a member for 8 years. So, I’ve never had to change my address. Checked and everything is correct. I’m just wanting to know why I haven’t received any postcards in 4 months, that’s all. Did I do something wrong? If so, what do I need to do to correct it?

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No, you haven’t doing something wrong.
It’s normally that we merge posts and you got already an answer from @Stevyy
He told you that the best is if you contact the admins via the contact form, because nobody here knows if there are cards on the way to you or what happened.
We can only make assumptions, but we cannot understand what exactly is happening.

Please ask the admins :arrow_right: Contact us
Good luck!

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Another question:

Did you log in to the site regularly during the 4 months? Or did you wait for cards without logging in?

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I log in every now and then making sure that doesn’t happen. Sometimes it would be a few weeks or so. However, in March/April I logged in often.

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