Have you found any cool sites for buying US postacrds?

I might have to get “moved” by a Moderator (sorry), but every so often I run across a neat place to order US postcards online and was wondering if there was an existing thread for folks to share those finds? If it’s a bad idea that could easily be misused for “free advertising” and you have to nix it, I understand. If it’s ok, here’s what I found today…

I was hunting today for interesting illustrated postcards of National Parks. I’m already very familiar with the Lantern Press series and there are tons of online links for those, but today I ran across the Scenic Highways sets. They are smaller sets, from 4 to a dozen, and have nice illustrated cards of National Parks by region. If you love illustrated cards, it’s a cool find.

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Hi Wynnie,

Yes there is! Please refer to:

There’s a whole wiki section here Wynnie sorted by country - many to choose from & yes you can add new listings to it:

Thanks, you guys! You’re the best!
(I can back because I had also found “Ranger Doug’s” and “Retro Ranger”. Now I’ll go add those where you pointed out…) :smile: