Have you ever seen puzzles upcycled into cards?

I love making homemade cards… I also enjoy putting together puzzles. Sometimes, I glue them, and hang them as art as well.
We are doing little puzzles tonight, and I thought what if I cute a rectangle shape out of a puzzle once I glue it and just make a postcard? Is that neato?
Here is a puzzle we just did I think would be cute to cut from…



I’ve only ever seen/sent blank puzzle cards (not postcards) where you write the message on the blank side, break it up, and send the pieces in an envelope for the recipient to put together again. But yes, a handmade completed puzzle postcard with a picture on it would be cool!


Ok, i think in going to try it! I’ll probably wait for a profile into the topic of whatever puzzle i have.

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I made these once:


I have used a large puzzle piece as base for handmade postcard, but also taking off the picture layer, and putting it to the card. like here, I hide the original image with gesso and then do something on top, here the Ukrain flag (the card is not ready yet):


I received some puzzles which were meant to be a card, like this one:

But also I received a series of handmade cards which when all were received made a picture (I show 2 out of 6 or so))

Oh, and ad cards of course which were intended as piece of puzzle:


I love all of these ideas, especially the one where you write the message and then break up the puzzle in the envelope to be put together by the recipient. How fun!


Thanks for the responses. I made two postcards out of that little pizzle in the original post. I now know somethings i will do the same, and differently.
I really enjoy putting puzzles together with my daughter, and I plan to send these out, as well as make more puzzle xards.


I got these 2 puzzle postcards in Lake Como, Italy.


This looks like a lot of fun! Might do it myself sometime…
Does the puzzle card thing need to be in an envelope? Wonder if it will survive the mail on its own…

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I feel like the rectangle one will be just fine without it. The one with the odd shape should be in an envelope though.
They both were covered in glue, then i put a cereal box type of backing


So cool :sunglasses:

All very nice.
But I think more for different Puzzle pieces to decorate a Collage… what about??

I’ve been thinking about cutting a postage stamp puzzle into postcards. Do you have tips? How did you cut it? What did you use for glue? Did you mail it in an envelope or as is? Did it make it to the recipient intact? Thanks for any advice you can give. Yours are very cute! Have you made more?

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I have not cut any puzzles into smaller pieces, for postcards or other reasons BUT we have glued several puzzles and used pushpins to hang them on the wall. We used “puzzle glue” type of products - Mod Podge is one brand, Ravensburger another. We glue both sides and let the glue dry before flipping the puzzle over. All of the puzzles are still in one piece so they hold up well, some of them almost three years now. I am not quite sure a puzzle postcard would “survive” the machines used for sorting, etc. so I think I would want to be on the safe side and mail a card like that in an envelope.
Let us know if you try and how it worked out!


I used mod podge and just glued it to a paper card stock on one, the other I glued it to a thin cardboard (maybe a cereal box. The truly rectangle one was mailed naked and made it in tact. The shaped one was in an envelope because I didn’t think it would handle the machine well. I think your idea to make one out of a postage stamp puzzle is simply adorable! I like gluing puzzles after I put them together hanging them on my walls with soda can tabs, and have brushed white school glue over them. It works, but I think the mod podge looks a bit nicer because it has a glossy shein…


How did you cut them?

Congratulations on the final product, both are great! (My favourite is the shaped one :heart_eyes:)

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US post office used to sell both postcards and puzzle postcards. They appear on Ebay fairly often

Oh,thank you so much! I think when I made these, I glued on the back (so paper or the cardboard), drew a line with a color similar to the paper or cardboard then cut with scissors. Then, I took a (nail) file to smooth any edges. I now have a paper slicer and would probably use that if I make anything like this again. So, without a paper cutter I suggest glue the back, trace the line, cut, then smooth edges. I hope I explained that right lol. PS - good luck and if you need any advice I’m happy to try and answer.

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