Have you ever gotten a card or seen a profile with a political or religious message?

Please stop this long off-topic discussion now.
If you want to continue talking about it, you can do so via PM.


I want to keep this thread as revelent to the topics in discussion as much as possible.

Perhaps you can create a separate thread to discuss about this case?

A discussion should be constructive, you are repeating what you are saying for sometime. This is not going anywhere…


Me? Or @anna_banana_87 ? I thought if she starts it here, it’s ok to talk about it here.
If it’s made as it’s own topic, of course I write related messages there.
(Edit. I also hope, if one wants to keep this as topic as possible, then not write a message evaluating my message being not constructive (?) :smile: or what they see my message is :wink: And if someone is allowed to write misunderstanding about my message, I’m equally allowed to correct it of course.)

But let’s not write about it anymore then, I’m happy to read an update, if such happens, I think that’s allowed to be written here.

And back to topic → :
I did receive very religious message lately, with questions about the religious related topic, and a link which they thought I would like. I had to answer, I can’t fully comment her questions, because I don’t know about that religion. She answered back, being very sorry and embarrassed, and she had thought I am religious based on what she had seen me write here (earlier obviously, not today).
She even offered to send another card.
We then discussed what made her think so, it was some sentences I wrote here, that were also almost phrases in Bible :smile: so now I think my English is very old fashioned (like language in Finnish bible is). I’m happy I commented (I even thought will it sound rude), because if I just had written “thanks for the card”, I didn’t get to know she thought she wrote me a so personally meant card.

Maybe I did not express myself well enough in my post above because I don’t believe I am off topic and that my post should be removed?

My point was simply, I would never send a card to someone with a motive on the front or write about the topic they prefer to discuss, whether it be about spiders or babies or politics or god.
I used the example of spiders since many people have a phobia of them and also understand that others are afraid of them. Not everyone understands how traumatic religion is hence my usage of a different and perhaps more relatable topic (spiders).

I think it’s simply being self-aware and being aware of others and their feelings. Some people unfortunstely doesn’t possess that ability. I try not to get too offend though since people technically can send nearly anything they want.
But, I also understand being frustrated or offended at certain cards and messages.
Ergo: just respect people and their wishes including the message, not just the postcard photo.

I ask for the last time that you do not talk about the problem with the card without ID - there is nothing new there and we are just going around in circles.
If the card has been reported to the support, they will take care of it.

And please stop talking off-topic, because we have enough other topics where your themes fits in.

You are shooing away users who seriously want to report on problems here, and when users (have to) ignore or mute other users, we are not happy about it and it is not what we want here.


I personally don’t mind if the topic wanders a little, I think sometimes you need to step off to get a better view :slight_smile: but as earlier my post about getting a pro-vegan postcard, that to me felt very “religion-like”, was removed as off topic, so I thought this is strictly religion or politics. It is strange if other members can write about other topics and I can’t.

Now I don’t know if other topics are allowed here?
Only religion and politics (this is a little hard to decide what is, and to me the vegan preaching goes into politics).

Is this topic only if the religion or politics theme is a problem?

( ->I think then the title maybe needs change, I thought it’s ok to mention if such cards are ok and what type, like the op does. And if this is only reporting problems (problematic religion and politic themed messages), then definitely merge this thread with the what I linked earlier (Things on postcards that you did not enjoy reading.) Now it’s two negative toned threads about messages, maybe one is enough :slight_smile: (hopefully!))

The answer is no. The person who start this discussion is wanting to discuss about receiving cards with political or religious messages written on them.

This is not the place to go off-topic. It’s better to stick to the said subjects or you create a new thread and discuss whatever topics you find interesting since you have found so many new ideas from going nearly off-topic here.

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Yes. It was yesterday. Not political but a little bit religious. There were a few sentences about buddhism and the person wished me good things and hopefully peace in the world. And there was a quote to that topic. So for me it was ok. I’m not very religious, but I think it’s really ok to share the own feelings about religion, as long as the writer stays polite with his words. And I think the same about political topics. (But I hope this will be rare at Postcrossing, because for me there are so many other things to write about, that are more interesting.)


And this is off topic too, there is a thread about do members read the profiles or not:

Like Bille wrote:

So this is not the thread to talk about should one read the profile or not and what kind of persons do read and what not.

I just noticed sorting my cards yesterday, I haven’t even thought I get a lot of political messages lately, especially from the USA, congratulating about our NATO membership, before that about hoping we get to be members, and how they are sure we will be part of NATO etc.

I think, it is likely to get a political toned messaged when there is some happening like this, and also especially if it’s related to the sender country and receiver country.

(Mostly I’m surprised that I think all messages are assuming all Finns were hoping to be in the NATO, while there are people who don’t want that.)

Just wondering: why do you find it disgusting? Do you feel offended?
For religious people, I think it is a way to share positive vibes, don’t you think? Or are these types of postcards usually followed by not-so-nice messages?

I’ve got a Stalin propaganda postcard from a Russian member and was shocked. The man was a monster and also killed many Russians… Why do people send such a card, I don’t get it.
I’ve contacted the Support and did not register it.

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Could it be because you list ‘Rulers of the World’ in your wishes?


Exactly my thoughts.


I got an official card today that had a religious quote on the front and written on the back. My profile asks for non religious/political cards, but I didn’t mind it. They took time out if their life to send me a lovely card and wrote a lengthy message as well, and I appreciate it very much.


It was not from the “RotW” series.
Stalin with a child and propaganda text.

Could it be that the person is unaware of such series and thought you’re collecting any rulers, for historical purposes?
If the text on the backside was friendly?
If it’s card like that, which says ‘Let our Motherland thrive’, I don’t see any propaganda-like in it, it’s historical card, many people collect such posters:

Maybe the person doesn’t knows English well too, and didn’t understand all words in your profile or it was through online translator?
In my opinion it makes sense to give every postcrosser some credit and reasonable doubt, since it might be just misunderstanding


Never heard of them before. Know MOTW and FOTW, but this :thinking:


I think it was the card you show.
All I can say is that I was shocked and sad to received such a card.

I collect Royal rulers, not dictators or mass murderers like Stalin, Hitler or Mao.

Rulers of the Word Series

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Thank you - fantastic card :slight_smile: