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Haven’t read the story yet. Maybe this is just adjusting the official measure to match the reality of how slow they are…

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This is about “every second day” letters. Where I live we’ve been a trial zone for this for a few months (maybe a year?) You definitely notice the regularity of the schedule, and although it’s frustrating to get no letters on the off days, it does mean there’s almost always something delivered on a letter day. Priority domestic letters are still delivered every day, as are small parcels.

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Feeling utterly exasperated with my nearest LPO. The amount I’m charged in postage is completely random and depends on who serves me, and they seem to have changed hands (or maybe new staff) but the latest guy to serve me didn’t know the difference between domestic and international stamps.

I must honestly be the only person sending postcards in this far-flung corner of regional Australia.


I hadn’t received any cards for a while, but in the last fortnight I’ve received 12, all drawn on the 27th of March!
The system does interesting things sometimes.


Burwood NSW has an elliptical postmark! Anyone else seen interesting things like this? I know a lot of LPOs have a big rectangular one, is it for parcels?

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That sounds really cool! I don’t think I’ve come across one of those in Aus yet.

I haven’t seen the rectangular postmarks at my local (possibly because I’m usually asking for the pictorial) but a lot of my postbox mail with more than a couple of stamps ends up with a big rectangular “Adelaide Letters Facility” postmark. I’m quite fond of it, actually!:joy: I assume it’s just the most convenient way to postmark a bunch of stamps at the same time.

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Much better than the (what I consider to be lazy) way that many PO scribble a biro or texta mark through them!

As an aside I complained about the scribble and Aust Post took exception to my lazy comment. LOL.


Within the first week or so of the reduced delivery timetable I have actually had letters delivered every day! Stranger things have happened…

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Strangely I have had no real troubles with letters and cards to China, they seem to be taking around 40 days (except one Postcrossing aerogramme which is taking longer, but then I’ve never actually had a reply to an aerogramme, I am almost convinced they trash them at Strathfield letter centre :smiley: ). Not anything like as good as pre-Covid though, I feel like I used to get replies back from China within a month of my own sending.

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Has anyone received one of the new Beyond Blue/OzPost free postcards yet? I love the bird. It looks like it might be a Natalie Marshall or Jocelyn Proust design. :heart_eyes:

I went into my PO on Monday and they said they haven’t received them yet even though they had signs up displaying them.

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My lovely postman just put nine of them in my letterbox! He also delivered two Postcrossing postcards so I guess he knows I often receive postcards and thought I could use them. They are really pretty, can’t wait to use them.
The Australia Post message above says they are delivering to “regional homes” but I am in the suburbs so I wasn’t expecting one.

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I saw that bit about regional too. I found out about them from a local suburban Facebook group in Canberra where people were receiving them in their postboxes…so I guess we’re considered regional too. I didn’t get one, maybe because I have a ‘no advertising’ doover on our postbox. First time I’ve ever regretted putting it there. I’ll have to go find them in the post office :crossed_fingers:t2:.

There was one in my regional PO Box this week and a family member in suburbs of Adelaide also got one there.

There is also a stack of them on the counter at my local post office so I helped myself to a few more. :slight_smile:

The family member rang me to tell me and when I said if you don’t think you will use it I will have it. They said actually they will use it for their 6 year old as a practice for writing and sending. I always send a postcard to the child when away. I told him about the stack at my PO and to check his and take a few more, that way 6 year old can write and send to assorted grand-parents and family.

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That’s amazing.
Continue to enjoy shaping your house.
I will start mine soon.