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I read that in the paper yesterday and APost added at $1.50 it still doesn’t go anywhere near the actual cost of delivery. I just thought ‘up go the maxicards and stamps’ which means I’ll send a few less.

According to 9News, after February 15, the final decision will be made.

Ugh I really hope they don’t up prices, I know it sounds selfish but as it is I can only afford so many stamps at a time :sob: I think I put in a submission when they had the open forum type thing, basically said the same. Like… I know it costs a lot to send things back and forth but also, cmon, we’re all struggling with cost of living right now ;; How many more of my hobbies will rise in cost??

About two days ago I received a postcard from a direct swap…written back in August 2023. Looks like this one had quite a journey before finally made its way to me :laughing:


Oh that’s fascinating! I wish the stamp you get when a card enters Aus (the veeery faded text near snoopy that’s not the hello) was more legible, as that might give you a date for when it got to Aus and how it might have gotten lost!

It’s sad to read comments like this from Australia Post because I like to think I’m supporting them by sending a lot of mail, but this makes it sound like the opposite! Oh well, what can you do.

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LPO Worker: And where are the postcards going?
Me: to Germany.
LPO Worker: mmm, and is that in Europe?



Oooo food cards! :heart_eyes:



The page says this:

Nostalgic Tinned Fruit Label
Australian Ground Parrots
Retro Audio
AAT: Petrels
Gert Sellheim Travel Posters
The Shared Table

is the list of issues that the cards are from… exciting!

I’m interested in the Fruit Label, Audio, Travel Poster and Table sets by the sound of it!

Brilliant! Thank you very much for sharing this.


I saw this and then had a quick look at the FDC offer and saw the entire minisheet of those food stamps! How adorable is the minisheet!


AWWW that is super cute! I think I’ll be buying some, they’re precious!


Any one else rushing out for some of these today?

I love birds and can’t wait to send some of these! :partying_face:


I asked the lady at the post office this afternoon if it’d be possible to hand cancel the postcards today, she then just handed me the ink pad and stamp and let me do it myself. This was so much fun :smiley:


That Port Arthur postmark is so cool!!

I really like it too! I’ve only asked for it once before now, they’re normally so busy when I pick up my mail!

Hi everyone,
Does anyone else have problems with deliveries from AUS to China?
I have now 8 expired cards to CN and to different parts of the country too, from 261 days to 74 days.

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That sounds super frustrating!

I send a lot to China (private swaps mostly) and I think pretty much everything has arrived in the last year or so (following a bunch of lost mail to China around Feb last year), but usually in the 80-120 days kind of window. I’m typically sending from Adelaide and a mix of addresses written in characters and Romanisation (although I’m not convinced it makes an appreciable difference to the travelling time).

I do have an expired official to China at the moment (109 days) but it was sent from the UK and the user appears to receive/register intermittently so I’m hoping it’s still going to get there eventually…

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Yes, I have problems. Not just postcrossing but also private mail, it’s a gamble if things get delivered unfortunately.

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Prepaid postcards seem to have increased to $2.85 both online and in-store. This makes sense following the 30c domestic stamp increase, and they remain a good deal compared to buying stamps and cards separately but is still unfortunate.