Harenberg calender postcards - yes or no?

Out of curiosity: What do you think about Harenberg calendar postcards? Do you like sending them or do you avoid them like the plague? Do you like receiving them or are you more or less disappointed finding them in your mailbox? And if you like sending them, do you only send postcards showing sceneries from your own country? Thanks for your answers.

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Harenberg calendar postcards are good quality and have often beautiful images.
I like to send and receive them.
Mostly I send cards showing scenery from my own country, but also animals and from special calendars, for example trees or lighthouses.


I do not understand why people don’t want Harenberg calendar cards, except in the case where they only want the smaller “standard” size cards to fit into storage sleeves. I always suspect that they don’t like that the Harenberg cards are a value (53 great postcards for a little more than €15, or even less if you are lucky enough to get them into the next year at a discount) and also don’t like cards from boxed sets etc. for the same reason.

I send and receive Harenberg cards gladly!

Edit to add: I only send the vaious Harenberg “Germany” cards, although I also send their various “quote” cards, which have generic images or images from all over the world.


I don’t have any Harenberg calendars myself but I love to receive them, they have very beautiful images :hearts: I also don’t mind where they come from.
(No, Gesa! Don’t buy any more postcard sets! No matter how beautiful they are! You have enough!)


Often they have very beautiful pictures, but I’m not too fond of the copyright note on the front. A few years ago some of the calendars came without the white border. I don’t buy them anymore since that is no longer the case. But I don’t mind receiving them.

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hmmm… I have never seen a Harenberg card with a copyright note on the front…

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I meant the note at the bottom right

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I’ve received many of these without knowing they were anything other than regular cards. Until I saw the picture in the last post, I didn’t know what calendar cards meant.

I like them. They’re good quality cards, and I like that the caption on the front is so clear - I hate getting view cards with no caption.


That is a second before you grab the next packages, isn’t it? :wink:


The quality is fine and the pictures are fine as well, but I prefer cards from places where the sender has been her-/himself.


I love them, I even have an extra request in my profile for them! And I actually like the small info on the front (the one at the bottom).

I’m always curious from which calendar they came but the senders often cover the information on the back :frowning: I’m not too fond of washi tapes and decorations :wink:

I am also one of those “view from the country the card is sent from” people, so I know I’m restricting myself regarding Harenberg cards to just a few countries but this part of my personality is just too strong :wink:

Anyway, I think they are great cards and have lovely views :slight_smile:


No one’s mentioned this yet, but the perforated edge is what I don’t like (as a recipient). :-1: I don’t imagine many US senders are using them?

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I always cut the perforated side before sending a card.


Same for me… I don’t like receiving cards with perforated edges, so whenever I buy postcard calendars I make a cutting session :sweat_smile:


I always use a nail file to smoothen the edge because I don’t like perforated edges neither.


Thank you very much for your answers so far. I mistakenly thought they were less popular/appreciated.

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I feel so validated!


I wonder why nobody mentioned this yet, but Harenberg cards are definitely thinner than standard cards - which I really find a pity!!!


I agree with @EvchenE. The cards are not too thin. But this is the only minus of the cars. They have very nice pictures with out special effects, natural landscapes and city views, all single view. Also, the variety is huge. On the back you will find a lot of white space to write the message. I used to write a lot, so I like it. Yet, in January, agree the year starts you can get them very cheap. In stead of 16€, you will pay 7€ or even less. So in general, yes I think they are a good option to have in addition to other cards. :blush:

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Do you really measure the value of a card by its thickness?