Handmade Stickers

Are you doing your own stickers? I found this on YouTube and it’s very helpful if you wanna do your own stickers at home.
And of course you can share your tips and your own method.
Here it’s the video I talked about.


These are darling! For anyone interested, the machine she uses is a Cricut Explore Air 2; definitely an investment for the serious/professional crafter at $170-230 USD. :flushed:

I’ve made my own stickers using rubber stamps, a good ink pad, and blank sticker paper like this one. (You can print on it with an inkjet printer, too.) I use a small pair of sharp scissors to cut them out when the ink dries.

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I’m using tape and baking paper.I don’t have color photocopy machine so I’m coloring them with hand


Honestly, although drawing/coloring them by hand takes more time and effort, your stickers will have a one-of-a-kind, personal quality that can’t be replicated! :blush:


Thanks for the nice comment.:innocent:After some coloring I decided black is more appropriate and good looking than other colors.You can work more easily with black

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I do my own stickers since last October. I bought the Silhouette Portrait cutting machine. I first bought it for school projects and as I use some stickers for penpalling and was tired of always having to order some as I don’t find what I like in my town, I invested in the cutting machine as it would be useful for school and personal projects. I bought some pics on Etsy or free pics on the web. I bought the Pixscan mat to do the stickers with my own drawings done with brush pen, pencils…That one I did not try much as it was not easy to find the setting for the mat. I’ll take time for it when I am on holiday,July-August.


The Pix Scan Mat is awesome!

I’ve done a few stickers myself, mostly stamp style stickers that I use when sending postcards in envelope. Using my Silhouette Portrait for it.

I still have tons of stickers though, so I’m not doing that many so far.


I sometimes make my own stickers by printing, drawing or rubber stamping on gummed paper. It’s paper that gets sticky when the reverse side gets moist - like classic postal stamps, for example.

Unfortunately it’s really difficult to get hold of that kind of paper. So I also experimented with gumming paper myself, using gum arabic. It took quite some time, but worked fine.


I’m unfortunately not very talented in drawing pictures but I love making my own stickers. For this I use sticky paper I already have. I found some simple label-sheets of address stickers I normally use for official mail envelopes. I downloaded the Word template of the suitable size on the website of the company who made the sheets and then downloaded free for private use / creative commons pictures / clip art etc.

It needed a little formatting in Word and resizing of my pictures. Then I put them into the word template ( it’s a simple chart). My trick was to first make the dividing lines visible on the word template to make it easier putting the pictures in the right place. Before printing I remove the lines.

This is how my sheets look like.

My second finding was to first detach the sticky paper with my picture on it from the interlayer and only then cut it out. If I simply cut it while the sticky paper is on the interlayer I always had a hard time to remove the sticky paper from the interlayer sheet. Not good for my nerves… :sweat_smile:


If you need grafic files for stickers for free you can send me a PM. Than i can give you a link to my grafic cloud.

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Thanks a lot I’ll pm

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Sometimes, I cut pretty little pictures out of magazines, wrapping paper etc. and glue them on postcards in place of stickers :scissors:


I make my own stickers too. They are even in my profile pic lol.

I like making my own airmail stickers instead of using the ones issued by the post office.



I made these stickers with my hand-carved stamps of a bird carrying a letter and a hedgehog :slight_smile: