Halloween meetup 31 october 2021 in BREDA

:pushpin: MEETUP PLACE: DE COLONIE, Grote Markt 26-28, 4811 XR Breda.
:calendar: DATE: 31-10-2021
:alarm_clock: TIME: 12:00
:page_facing_up: MEETUP PLAN:

hello fellow postcrossers,
on sunday 31 october we will organize an halloween meetup.
the meetup will be at restaurant de colonie in breda.
the adress is : Grote Markt 26-28, 4811 XR Breda. be there @11:45AM
Lunch, Diner & Dranken - Restaurant De Colonie (the lunch card)
we will have lunch at around 12:30 - 13:00 hours.
after that we’ll stamp,sticker,write all the cards and books. we can stay till 16:30 PM

if you come by train it is ± 15-20 minutes walk to the restaurant
if you come by car you can park at :
parking garage de barones (nieuweweg 79, 4811 LW breda) PAID PARKING
parkinglot mols (achter de lange stallen 1, 4811 HM breda) PAID PARKING
parkinglot de oude vest (oude vest 3, 4811 GS breda) PAID PARKING

there is place for max 19 participants:

1 rowena2403 - 20 cards of each PAID
2 Frankie - 20 cards of each PAID
3 suncrusher72 DE - 50 cards of each PAID
4 andrea DE - ‘’ ‘’ PAID
5 charity17 - 30 cards of each. PAID
6 deeske1974 - 60 cards of each PAID
7 helmamartens - 20 cards of each. PAID
8 piavano - 6 of each PAID
9 muppet450 - 40 cards of each. PAID
10 pareltje21 - 20 cards of each PAID
11 Soundstorm - 20 cards of each PAID
12 veke250 BE - 15x pompoen 40x maan PAID
13 nelly BE - ". " PAID
14 leentjebuur - 20 cards of each PAID
15 postcardforpeace - 2 cards of each PAID
16 melelo - 20 cards of each PAID
17 yirobison - 10 cards of each PAID
18 postcrossingbo - 10x design 2 PAID
19 dutchislandgirl - 15 cards of each PAID


there are 2 desings of meetup cards. they are 0,35 each.

when you give yourself up for this meetup please announce how much cards you want of each.
The cards you’ll get at the restaurant.

If you have an witches hat of a cool halloween headband or glasses… Don’t be ashamed and put them up :relaxed:



The government revealed that from 25th September 2021 you need a Corona Access Pass when you visit a restaurant.
That means that you have to be vaccinated(corona access pass) or you need a negative test to get entrance to the restaurant.

when something changes we’ll let you know ASAP.

if you have any question please message me -------> postcrossingrowena@hotmail.com


Count me in please :slight_smile:

Count me in ovb

If an exchange is possible, I would like to ask for both cards.
My exchanger Обменник – 612 Bilder | VK

I want to join please

For me 20 of each card.

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I would love to swap for the second design. :smiley:

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I would like to try to join too, so please “ovb” for now.
Thanks for organizing!

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Andrea and me will take part. We are happy. Greetings from Germany.

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Hello! You have very beautiful postcards. I am looking for an exchange for a card with pumpkins and offer mine :slight_smile:


I love to swap

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Please count me in, 20x of both cards please

1want to join,for me each 20 cards please!

Hi! Beautiful cards! Is anyone interested in swap? Here are my postcards for swap на обмен – 355 Bilder | VK


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Hi Rowena,

Thanks for organizing this meeting, I’d like to join and have 20 cards of each.
Gr, Ellen

Hi Rowena, great that you do a meeting again. Please count me and my mother in. We’d love to join again. I’ll let you know something for the cards asap.


Count me in please! :blush:
And I would like 20 cards of each please.
Great, a meeting!

Hi Rowena,

Can I order 10x of each card extra
So that make my Total 30x of each card


Hi Rowena,
First time for me.
Count me in please.
And i would like 20 cards of each please.



Hello Rowena,

You can delete the “OVB” behind my name. Great to be able to attend a meeting after such a long time and see some familiar and some new faces.
I would like to order six cards of each (so 12 cards in total).
Thanks for organising.



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graag voor zondag aanstaande ( 10-10-2021) door te geven hoeveel kaarten je wilt bvd.