Halloween meetup 31 october 2021 in BREDA

Count me in Rowena … I like to come 20 cards of each

Sorry Rowena i have to cancel this meeting… Due to a strange movement, while walking to the post, something went wrong in my upper leg I immediately limp … tomorrow to the doctor … I unfortunately have to cancel this meeting … such a shame I wanted so much again and especially Halloween …til next meeting

Hello! I would like card # 2, my offers are in instagram @catty_swap in stories. Or I can send what i have from your wish :slight_smile:

Waiting list +1 and expect 20 cards (10 per design).

Hi Rowena, can you please add me to the waiting list? If possible I would like to have 10x postcard design 2. Thank you.


Can you add me on the waiting list please? :slight_smile:

Misschien hebben de meeste het wel door, maar voor de zekerheid het weekend van de meeting gaat de wintertijd in.
Ik ben blij dat ik een uurtje lager kan slapen, aangezien ik lang moet reizen. :slight_smile:
Happy to meet you al there!

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Hello! Go to swap:

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send me a pm

Many thanks to Veerle (veke250) and everyone who signed the superb meeting card which I received today :smiley:

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Thank you @Veke250 and her mum for the lovely cards.

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