Giving negative opinions on profile

I hope I am posting this in the correct topic.
I’ve heard of few hurray messages with an unfriendly tone, but I wonder has anyone given or received negative comments about a profile on the card itself?
I would love to hear about the interaction please.


Please make sure not to give any user names away when writing in this topic and to keep your comments friendly!

This topic is about YOU having received negative comments about your own profile on postcards - not about other users’ profiles!


Have you received any yourself?

Luckily I only ever received positive comments - on postcards or in other ways.

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wow - that would be mean. I imagine if I’d been doing this a long time and got one negative comment I’d probably take it in stride; but being brand new to this (haven’t even received a postcard yet) if I were to get a negative comment it might make me think twice about continuing. I hope that type of thing doesn’t happen often.


I’ve only ever received positive replies. I can’t imagine why anyone would leave a negative or rude comment; it’s so unnecessary. A simple “Thanks for your card” is enough if they feel they can’t praise it in some way. Anyway, there are far more nice people in the world than mean. Don’t let it put you off Postcrossing :slightly_smiling_face:


I’ve gotten a few negative comments. A couple times because I used those barcode stickers instead of “real” stamps and once because the person asked for cute animal cards (without specifying which animals were cute or not) and I sent a Tarsier which I thought was cute but apparently they found it creepy and told me so.


I have not received one. I was reading a profile and remembered several months ago seeing an unfriendly, hard to please profile mentioning that if we don’t like the profile we can be nice. I inferred this person must have received negative feedback on a card and just thought to ask.
I’ve been fortunate to only have positive remarks if any.


never received a negative comment about my profile.
sometimes i wanna write something to someone, especially if they are kinda rude and only write about all the cards they don’t want to receive and all the stamps i’m not allowed to use and then they tell me to ‘write more than just happy postcrossing’. such profiles don’t really inspire me to write long stories, exactly.
but oh well, being petty never made anybody feel better so i just use all my favourite washi and stickers to make me feel better about the cards.

i do however sometimes mention to people with empty profiles that they might want to write something. not in a mean way, just in a, hey, it might give people an idea what to send and write to you, way. that is always received well though, usually people explain themselves and/or fill in their profile a bit.


I did . Got a post card calling me a devil worshiper and im going to hell because my profile lists we like paranormal, spooky stories etc. I laughed it off . To each his/her own .


I agree with your entire comment!!!
I keep reminding myself that some people are just taught to be more direct with their wants. It is tough though.


Sometimes people complain it would have been so difficult finding a card fitting my wishlist. Well… I do not have one, just a random list of things I like with a disclaimer not to feel limited by it - so I do not see a problem and I decided to shrug at such comments and forget about it.

I once got a quite aggressive text from a dog lover because I state I do not like dogs, something like “animals can tell who is a good person”, in a way that made clear they meant I cannot be one. But I always knew that I am a bad person for not liking dogs, I mean, who can resist a cute puppy? (I can. I am terrified of them) It only frustrates me that I do not seem to be “allowed” to dislike things “everybody” likes (like dogs and sunshine), while it seems to be absolutely okay to dislike spiders and rain (but I love both).
When I come across a profile stating things I do not agree with, I simply ignore it. I do not know why some people feel the urge to hurt strangers.


LMAO!!! I hope it was sarcasm because whaaaaaaaaat!!! Omg.


I like history and for some time my profile included the wish to receive postcard of Auschwitz. At one point I received a card of this place, with sender being terrified that someone would like to receive such a depressing postcard, that his/her good mood would instantly disappear when opening his/her mailbox and find a card with such a theme in it. In addition, sender also wrote that this was the saddest postcard that he/she had pleasure to send.
Of course I thanked for the card politely as it is a site that gives you to think.

So yes, here and there profiles with unusual wishes or interests come around. You are not alone. :slightly_smiling_face:


yikes. if there are cards i reaaaally don’t like myself i just don’t buy them. there are plenty other cards i can make people happy with.

don’t understand mentioning things you don’t like either. why take someone elses joy away because you don’t like it? i don’t go around sending out train cards and writing about how much i do not like trains.
there are many other things to write about. it’s not that hard.

it’s not as worse as all mentioned above but i once received a disney card and it only said ‘here’s a disney card. i don’t really like disney myself. best wishes’. you could use that space to write about something you do like and make us both happier, you know?

@Amalaswintha i don’t know how it was phrased on the card but i hope that was a joke. could be something i could say, i have bad humour like that ( i try not to use it in writing though, for that reason).


The worst interaction ever was a guy from Portugal reacting on one point on my „first things first“ list, which is „Black lives matter“. (I will not elaborate further and if you are one of those who would answer „All lives matter“, I posted a link to a wonderful blog entry explaining what is meant by this phrase in my profile.) Anyway, this guy wrote something like „black skin is evil and dirty“, „only white skin is beautiful“ blahblahblah. This was the first and only time in ten years that I was a) absolutely disgusted by a postcard and b) didn’t write a Hooray message. Because basically I would have told him to f*ck off and take his racist bullshit elsewhere. And that would’ve probably led to a ban from this community.
When he received my empty Hooray message he had the audacity to ask me if my Mom hadn’t raised me well enough to say „Thank you“ and that all he wrote was meant as a joke. Yeah, sure. I didn’t reply. I understand that some people do not speak English fluently and because of some insecurities regarding the choice of the right words some sentences can sound pretty rude. But in this case I am a hundred percent sure he knew exactly what he wrote and he tried to downplay it afterwards so he wouldn’t get in trouble.

And may I add this: I know that most of you think that this is not a political platform. Sure, it isn’t. But my views are part of me and I stand up for them. I speak them out loudly and actually I think more of us should do so.


If you receive something hateful you should not register it. Report it first and only register once you are told to do so.


Yep, I should have. I hope I won’t experience something like this again.


Nooooo, that’s not ok. I’m glad you were able to laugh it off, and/or as @EVillalba said, hoping it was sarcasm? Doesn’t sound like it to me. I know that narrow mindset still exists sadly.


I found the message on one card insensitive, mentioning why I felt that way in my reply. There was a second negative Hurray from me about the card image (the message was fine).
So, 1% average for me. I don’t recall ever getting a negative message from someone else.

This is so horrible.You showed great restraint to such inappropriate messages.
Oh and I would be horrified to think of how many people would have seen it, such as my mail carrier.