Giving in and selling off

Hi, so although I’ve enjoyed postcrossing sadly the cost now just seems to be going up and up, not only that but some swaps have taken too long or items go missing, who’s to blame or what… Anyway…

So I think by the end of this year I shall have given it up, I’ll keep my collection of items I’ve received and gifts and stories and so on, only well… I’ve a thousand, at least blank postcards and maybe a good 100 already w/s. Only rather than give them to an artist friend, and she will get some and I’ll do lotteries and some 10 for 1 swaps to get missing countries. Is there a good place to sell postcards online anywhere?

Are people buying postcards still? My local Oxfam charity shop gave me the impression they were struggling to sell current stocks…

Any way thoughts welcome…


Sad to see you leave! But maybe you can enjoy the process of disassembling your collection…

I did a lottery once for people whose collections are under 100 cards. It gave 6 blank cards from popular Postcrossing categories and I think it was a good idea for newbies and people who cannot afford to buy a lot of cards.


Perhaps offer themed bundles on Etsy (not sure if you have Etsy in the U.K.?)

I would think the shipping cost would be fairly low for a bundle of say 10 or so cards. You may not get your investment back, but at least you could get a bit.

Sorry to hear you’re leaving Postcrossing. I’ve definitely had to step away at times when the cost got to be too much.


Hey Ed!

Sorry to hear, that you are leaving.

I’d love to get some postcards (around 50 would be lovely)
I’m fine with motifs as long as they aren’t black/white.

Best wishes to you

Could you maybe disable your account for awhile instead of just leaving? You could hang on to your cards in case you decided to come back. You could also limit yourself to whatever you could afford…one card a week or a month.


I used to volunteer in an Oxfam shop which sold donated postcards, as well as postcards made from otherwise unsaleable items. I think I was probably the biggest customer for the postcards to be honest! You might have better luck if you go to one of the specialist Oxfam Bookshops or an Oxfam Art shop if you can find one, and recommend that they list the items online.


I’m also sorry to hear you’re leaving. I don’t know of any (online) places to sell postcards, but maybe other postcrossers would be interested. I don’t know what kinds of postcards you have and if shipping would get very expensive, but it could be an idea.

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Do you have eBay where you are? I’ve bought some from there. Lots are collectors sort but I look for bulk lots that people aren’t wanting anymore as I want to be able to post them and not keep blank cards.

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Well, I restrict myself strictly to a certain amount of cards and cost per month I easily can afford …
… if you already have so many cards, you could just draw a number per week, and don’t have to give postcrossing up.
Or jus thave a break, keep some cards for yourself, in case you want to come back.

Though some people might find it difficult to participate just a little bit, especially when used to deal a lot with a hobby before … then it would be better to give it up completely.


You could easily sell on ebay if you wished.
Small batches by theme or location


Sending you a PM.

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I really like the mystery postcard lots I see on Etsy so I’m sure if you posted a batch of ten for a fair price they’d be bought.


I too have decided to put my Postcrossing activity on hold. British postage rates keep increasing and I feel I now have to draw a line. Perhaps in the future I may return, who knows?


Could you just decrease the amount you send to match what you are willing to spend?

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It seems that many countries’ postage rates keep going up and I agree with those of you who suggest that putting myself on a “budget” is the best way to deal with the inflation while not giving up postcrossing and having penpals altogether. I don’t drink expensive coffee or have subscriptions to any streaming services (to name some other costly daily habits) so I believe limiting the amount I spend on cards I buy and send out is a good way to keep my expenses under control.


I buy my stamps on a second hand site and it makes a serious different in price. If a buy 10 stamps at the post office i pay 12 euro on the 2hand site I pay 8 euro for the same!


You can do that for NOW here in the U.K but from next year sadly you won’t be able to. :frowning: Also some of the new stamps like the new £1.85 Queens Head standard stamp is awful… lol…

So sad to hear :pensive:

Why won’t we be able to? I know the old Machin stamps and the country definitives can’t be used after next January, but we will still be able to use commemorative stamps, going right back to the first that were released after decimalisation in the early 1970s.


As you already mention the old Machin stamps, so any without a barcode will not be valid from Jan 31st 2023. Commemorative stamps will be valid for sure, but it all depends on how long stocks of those last, I know one company is already selling them at a fast rate as it is…

If I were you stock up now! Another price increase is likely come October, if not next year!

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