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You’l find some advice in my post of 20 November in this thread:

Virtual meetup recommendations

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Hallo~ im freshman in joint group, recently i want to creat a group~ anyone can give some guideline

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GOOD!!!Thanks for your explain!

Glad to see that the meetup guidelines have been published, but disappointed to see that virtual meetups were not addressed. Is there a plan afoot to do a separate set of guidelines for virtual meetups?

Meetups can truly be anywhere. There has even been one on a MOVING train car. :slight_smile:

If you like, you can pm me and I can help.

You can also check out my latest meetup post here, it’s fairly detailed, and has had positive feedback.


This seems like a fun idea. I’m not sure if the site admins would call this a meetup, but it would be a great question to ask. As far as logistics, I would be concerned about engagement, being that people are basically going to do it solo…and unless they bring a spouse, partner, family member…it’s not really a meetup. I’m wondering how many people would engage, I guess? Have you polled your local region for this? Or private messaged people to see what their interest would be?

The upside to this is that people CAN do it solo, socially distance, and on their own time - no scheduling issues at all. :slight_smile: They can also get out on the road and get a walk in, if they so choose. This might appeal to hikers, walkers, history buffs. I like it that the route is near public transit, so it can reach a lot more people than out-of-the-way events.

Best of luck!

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I’m hosting a meet-up in Tampa at noon in October. At least another person is coming from Orlando. You’ll probably get 25 free postcards

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Thank you for sharing.

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The forum section with Dutch meetings contains many meetings from the past, even from 2021. There are many meetings in the Netherlands and it is now quite confusing. Can this part be cleaned? That would be great!

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These topics will not be deleted (just like almost all other topics are not deleted either). They fall to the bottom of the list anyway, as nothing is posted there any more and should therefore not normally be a problem.
However, you can also enter “2023” in the search above - then you will get the meetings from this year.
Hope that helps :slightly_smiling_face:

hi everyone! i am back with trying to organise a meet up in moscow, this time for halloween, and i need your help! my idea was to take old vintage halloween greeting cards circa 1900s (ireland/usa origin, all public domain) and reprint them, to use as meet up cards with PC Logo on the back. could someone please explain to me if this is a way to do it or is it not allowed - putting PC Logo on reprints? is it okay for me to use vintage halloween postcards from a different country of origin for a meet up? i don’t want to offend anyone or to get into any trouble, so i would appreciate your input on this : )

Ich habe ein Meetup eingestellt. Wie gelangt es in die Meeting-Liste?
Danke für die Antwort.

Please edit your post and translate it into English.

@Mundoo will check your topic and if anything is okay she add it to the calendar on the main page timely. If she has questions you should answer them as soon as possible.

Please add the address of the Räucherkerzenland.

Is it ok? I’m doing this for the first time.

Hi Meike! It looks good! I’m sure Vicki will soon add it to the calendar. :slight_smile: Good luck for your meeting!

please change the state at the Crottendorf Meetup in Saxony.
Thank you

Germany, Saxony not Germany, Bavaria

For information of members when listing a meeting put the state/province as well please so that there is no confusion as to which area the town is in.


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How long will it take for my meet up to show on the map? I havent hosted since 2019 but I made a forum post on monday and its still not showing; not sure if im missing anything for it to show up. Thanks!

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