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That was also my thought, actually. I got confused when I saw some meetups announced with the design of the postcard already available (and, in some cases, offered for sale by the organiser)

Please add this meetup in list :hugs:


Hello! I am attempting to organise my first meetup. I have made a post in the forum proposing a date and place. A few people are interested. How do I make it official? The title of the meetup says ‘INCOMPLETE’ but I can’t see an option to edit the forum post to fill in the missing information and make it an official meetup?

What is the meeting link please so I can have a look and advise you.

It has already been added.

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Is it possible to move 16 February 2022 - Postcrossing train "Vilnius-Klaipėda"! this meetup into Lithuanian thread, please?

Done! :blush:

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Hi Ana @meiadeleite
I’m the organizer of the Meetup in Spiez / Switzerland 26.03.2022
I read the Logo Usage Guidelines and think that the meetup postcard will fit the rules. Do I have to send you the picture (frontside / backside) for an approval? If yes, where I have to send it? How fast will be the feedback?

I checked the forum here, but haven’t found any clear answer how to get the approval of the meetup card from Postcrossing - if needed.

Thank you for your feedback & with all the best whishes from the Swiss mountains, Thomas (thstreit)

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Hello! The link is INCOMPLETE - Meet up at the Newcastle Stamp and Coin Expo, May 2022?

Additional information still needed. I have asked in that topic.

Hello! I just created 2 new topics in the meetup forums for 2 meetups here in Oslo. I put the correct info in the calendar part but it shows up wrong. I can open them to edit it but after I click on the Done button, nothing changes. The time is correct in the other places in the topics, but not in the calendar part. What’s up, why can’t I edit this? Can someone help me?

These are the two most recent topics in the Norway meetup section. The April 28th one should be 4pm-6:30pm and the May 18th one should be 6pm-9pm.

I’ve managed to change the time by clicking the boxes below time and then choosing the correct times there. And I changed the timezone to UTC (+00:00) as well. I know that’s the wrong time zone, but changing it to UTC did make the times show up correctly…

If I’ve understood it, there are issues related to daylight saving time and the fact that we’ll change from winter time to summer time between now and the time of the meetups.

You can read about that problem :arrow_right: Meetup Event time zone factoring in Daylight Saving (Summer) Time (DST)


Those boxes are exactly where I’ve been trying to edit the times and can’t get it to work, so that’s not the solution :frowning_face: Don’t know where else it can be edited?

I will try to change the time zone and see if that works. Thanks!

EDIT: No I won’t, because somehow it has updated itself to the correct times now. I guess I was too impatient :upside_down_face:

I couldn’t see any other way to change it. Not very helpful, I guess.

Maybe the page just needed to be refreshed

Virtual meetups are not permitted to use the official postcrossing logo on postcards created for events:

" Hello

Please be aware that the Postcrossing Logo is NOT allowed on online/virtual meeting postcards when you are designing the postcard.

Postcrossing Team"

So perhaps there is not any direct invalidation in the proposed Meetup Guidelines, but direct discouragement clearly resides in the logo usage guidelines.

When creating a meetup on the meetup page one has to choose between the country from which it will be hosted, or “other.” A virtual box on that page would make it easier.

When looking at the calendar, unless the host has designated the meetup as virtual in the title, the end user has to go through every listing to see if they are face-to-face or virtual meetups. Some easy visual designation on the calendar, or a separate calendar of virtual meetups would be extremely helpful.

While I acknowledge that virtual meetups are a small part of the overall meetup community, for some who can’t get out they are indispensable, and they are very popular amongst the attendees. You get the chance to meet postcrossers you’d otherwise never meet. Our last one had 67 attendees from 16 countries on 4 continents. We even had a group of postcrossers at a face to face meeting join us! The attendance at any of the 7 virtual meetups I have hosted has far exceeded the attendance at any of the face to face meetups I have hosted. The most recent one I went to as an attendee on St. Patrick’s Day, hosted from Ireland, had over 20 attendees. They may not be the right thing for everybody, but it would be nice to feel included. Exclusion from the guidelines, exclusion from logo usage, greater difficulty in finding them on the calendar, all of these send a message, intended or not. Postcrossing is (or should be) about inclusion, not exclusion.

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Hello Everyone!

I am pretty new to the world of meetups and have been reading the rules & guidelines posted on these forums to get myself acquainted with. I have to say the topics are very well sorted, organized and easy to find. Thanks so much for doing that!

I live in Los Angeles, California, USA and have been planning to host my first ever meetup since last year but thought was a bad idea due to the pandemic and postponed it to well, this year! I was thinking of having it sometime around the World Postcard Day 2022 :)) But before finalizing important things like the venue, time, plan and also our meetup postcard design, I just wanted to gauge the audience feedback first so I wasn’t sure which is the correct thread/place here to post this. Please do correct me if I am wrong and maybe direct me to the correct place as well.

I will be posting a general post on my Instagram (geetikasinha7) account as well to see how many would be interested to be willing to attend a Post crossing meetup here in Los Angeles! I am pretty excited about it since I haven’t come across many meetup events being hosted in the SoCal Area especially LA so I am very much looking forward to it <3

Let me know your views on it and Hope we all can connect :slight_smile: Feel Free to ping me here for suggestions/discussions or through social media.

Geetika Nayak

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Thank you @eta55! I know this is an old post, but it is still very helpful. I am considering hosting a virtual meet-up this summer.

@meiadeleite @paulo @mundoo Is this still true? If so, what is the reasoning?

To me a virtual meet-up is more accessible to all interested Postcrossers than an in-person meet-up is.

The Postcrossing Logo User Manual (August 2021, version 2) and the website both say nothing about virtual meet-up cards having different rules.

Thanks for reconsidering this.