FULL --- Postcrossing Meets Happy Stones 11th till 12th FEBRUARY 2023 in RIJEN (Noord-Brabant)

:world_map: CITY/REGION: Rijen ( Noord-Brabant )
:pushpin: MEETUP PLACE: at my house ( address you’ll get at that time )
:calendar: DATE: 11 and 12 february
:alarm_clock: TIME: 10 AM
:page_facing_up: MEETUP PLAN:
postcrossing meets happy stones!!

hello postcrossers,
I am organizing a postcrossing meetup on February 10, 11 and 12 in combination with a happy stone painting workshop at our home.
and you don’t have to be creative, because everyone can paint stones :smiley:

what does the meetup entail :
the meetup starts every day at 10 AM, with a group of 8 people. yes, this early , because you’ll need the time, because the paint needs to dry to, and the later we start, the later the paints dry.

we will start with the workshop and around 1PM we will have lunch and then we will see if we still need time for the stones, or if we can start on the postcards.

The workshop costs 15 euros per person.
and this contains:
coffee, tea, water, lemonade (ranja), cola, orange, ice tea with fizz and a snack. ( all drinks are regular , there are no zero or light products )
and of course the use of material, paint, brushes, paint pens , stones etc.

the lunch will be ordered from an external company, these costs are not included by the 15 euro’s for the workshop, and also the costs of your meeting cards are not inlcuded.

:arrow_right: a meeting card will be designed, the costs of this will be announced in december, just like the meeting card itself. :arrow_left:
It’s not possible to order cards if you won’t be at the meetup.

the people who immediately indicate a day have priority, if you do not give up a day, you will be placed somewhere where there will still be room.


we have a train station in rijen (gilze-rijen), and it is ± 15 to 20 minutes walk to our house. (a straight road)

:arrow_right:because there is still work in our street, parking in our street itself is not possible. or very limited. :arrow_left:

another detail : we have a dog , he will not be at home those days BUT :

so keep this in mind when you have allergies for dogs !!!

there is room for a maximum of 8 people per day !!!

SATURDAY 11 February
1 Charity17 - 30 cards
2 Florisca - 10 cards
3 Ansjanssen - 10 cards
4 Blijdatikschrijf - 30 cards
5 GalaxyKarin - 10 cards
6 LiveLaughLoveLeafs - 20 cards
7 Helmamartens - 12 cards (MAYBE)
8 Ranonkeltje - 20 cards

SUNDAY 12 February
1 Specialhorse - 30 cards
2 Jessie0691 - 20 cards
3 Elisaj - 35 cards
4 itsdunnies - 16 cards
5 BiancaVerberk - 20 cards
6 Eef_NL - 10 cards


Please count me in on 11 february :slight_smile: 30 cards please

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12 februari graag, met 30 kaarten.

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What a fun idea! I never painted a happy stone yet, but I would love to try :blush: I would like to come on Saturday and order 10 cards.

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Please count me in for saturday 11 februari. 10 cards please

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12 februari graag. 20 kaarten

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I’d like to join on Saturday, and please 25 cards

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Ik had graag gekomen , maar ik ben zelf 12 februari jarig , word ik 52, Ik vier dan ook gelijk het weekend mijn verjaardag 10 en 11 en 12 februari .

andere x beter ,Susanne

Mag ik op 12 februari, 35 kaarten? =)


Wat een leuk idee! Ik sluit graag aan op zaterdag 11 februari. Voor mij 10 kaarten graag.


Ik kom graag zaterdag 11 februari.
Graag 20 meetup kaarten :kissing_heart:

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Ik geef me graag op voor zaterdag 11 februari ovb
Voor mij 12 kaarten aub

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Is er al een kaart gemaakt?
Misschien wil ik toch meer kaarten bestellen.


Nee nog niet, december is de verwachting. Zodra die klaar is zal iedereen getagd worden.

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Bianca verberk wil graag komen op 12 feb(heeft geen account op het forum)

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Hallo, ik zou het ook leuk vinden om te komen (mijn eerste meeting!) :blush:

Mijn voorkeur gaat uit naar de zaterdag, dan de vrijdag, dan de zondag.

Mag ik ook zelf lunch meenemen omdat ik vegan ben? Ik vind het niet erg om te bestellen als er dan maar een vegan optie is :wink:

En 10 kaarten graag :love_letter:

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Je hebt een pb’tje

Ik wil denk ik meer kaarten dan ik heb aangevraagd.
Laat maar weten hoe en wat zodra ze er zijn​:relaxed::+1:


I would love to come also, but I cant speak very well dutch. I hope we can speak english or german… a bit. But Im also not a profesional painter :clown_face: But I love to try it out!

I would love to come on the 12 of february with @Weselfee79

And if its possible I would take 40 cards

Put me in please at 12.february . I can speak english and,german no dutch. If that not a problem that would be fine to come. I need 40 cards when its not a problem . I would come with user prisha.

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