FULL --- Postcrossing Meets Happy Stones 11th till 12th FEBRUARY 2023 in RIJEN (Noord-Brabant)

@Prisha and @Weselfee79 english is fine for everyone.
you don’t have to be a pro to paint rocks :smiley: it’s just for the fun.
but it takes some time to paint and dry.

i’ll put you both on the sunday .

a design for the card is coming next week .


I am happy for this project. I have draw stones one time during pandemic and laugh about myself :rofl:


@rowena2403 can you put me on the waitinglist for sunday! And remove me from Saturday! Thx

List updated today 13th of December.

Je heb geluk, je staat op de lijst.

Er zijn geen wachtlijsten voor deze meeting vol is vol :relieved:

Hallo Rowena,
Astrid Joosen (Ranonkeltje) wil ook graag komen op zaterdag 11 februari. Ik hoop dat zzze er nog bij kan.
En zij wil graag 10 kaarten.

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Leuk kaartje. Mag ik er 10?

20 kaarten graag.

Ik had er 25 besteld, maar wil er graag 5 bij, dus totaal 30 kaarten :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Ik had er 12 opgegeven maar ik wil graag 15 kaarten.

Graag 16 stuks :heart_eyes:

De MAYBE kan weg, ik kom op zaterdag :blush:


Ja me aantal kaarten kloppen nog steeds. Leuke kaart!

Mijn username is veranderd.
Van Helen_James naar @LiveLaughLoveLeafs

dit had ik al aangepast paar dagen geleden ( toch ?? ) of mis ik iets ?

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Ohh Dan is het goed :kissing_heart:
Beter te vaak dan dat er wat mis gaat😂

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I will be glad to exchange) ))

I ll PM you


I want to order 30 cards - they are so beautiful!

Isnt it the same stone like from the card of 1st of oct in Viersen, germany?

Maybe you have a card from their? I search for the 1st oct card…

Yes it’s the same stone, it’s a travel stone. So after my meetup it goes to someone else who paints stones and is a postcrosser.
Then he or she organise an meetup with card and uses this stone on it. And so this stone travels.

Happy stones are also called travel stones.

I’m going to change your number of cards from 40 till 30.