[FULL] Meetup Dokkum, Friesland 11 March 2023

:world_map: CITY/REGION: Dokkum, Friesland, The Netherlands
:pushpin: MEETUP PLACE: Jumbo in Dokkum (Hantumerweg 14)
:calendar: DATE: 11 March 2023
:alarm_clock: TIME: 11.00
:page_facing_up: MEETUP PLAN:

In the north of the Netherlands, you can find the beautiful city of Dokkum. A small city with a very big history. If you go towards the city centre, you can see the original strongholds, the canals and the beautiful buildings. The cosy shopping streets, the restaurants and the terraces give a nice feel to the little place. Welcome to Dokkum ~

We meet up at 11.00 near the Jumbo in Dokkum. This is close to the parking garage 't Panwurk and very close to the bus station, so a perfect place to start the meeting.
If everyone has arrived, we head on to the city centre, where we can go and visit the shopping streets and shop for some cards, or who knows, some other things as well.
At 12.30 we go to a restaurant to have some lunch and write our cards. We will have lunch at “De Koffiepot” in the city centre. They love to have us :slight_smile:

After all the writing, for everyone who still wants to, and to shake your legs, we can take a stroll around the strongholds of Dokkum. The walk is around 2.3 KM long, to make a full round and it’s quite a beautiful sight to see.


The postcards is showing the two mills that are both placed on one of the strongholds from Dokkum.
The cards will be €0,40 per card

Attendance (20 people max)

  • Gait (Gytha) 20 cards
  • SusanneMartijn (Susanne) 40 Cards Betaald :slight_smile:
  • Deeske1974 (Desiree) 61 Cards Betaald :slight_smile: Opsturen
  • Annerie (Annerie) 20 Cards Betaald
  • VictoriaIris (Mariska) 40 Cards Betaald :slight_smile:
  • " (Iris)
  • Anne24 (Anne) 30 Cards
  • Pia-nij (Pia) 5 Cards Betaald :slight_smile:
  • Cabogirl73 (Lucy) 5 Cards Betaald :slight_smile:
  • DutchIslandGirl (Linda) 10 Cards Betaald :slight_smile:
  • Dpv1983 (Dina) 15 Cards Betaald :slight_smile:
  • Kushboo (Anke) 20 Cards Betaald :slight_smile:
  • GeertruidaB (Geertruida) 15 Cards Betaald :slight_smile:
  • Mysticalmy (Ymkje) 5 Cards Betaald :slight_smile:
  • blijdatikschrijf (Heleen) 25 Cards Betaald :slight_smile:
  • Gerda-RD (Gerda) 10 Cards Betaald :slight_smile:
  • Mir1990 (Mireille) 30 Cards Betaald :slight_smile:
  • andrea236 (Andrea) 51 Cards Betaald :slight_smile:
  • josephineheeringa (Josephine) 15 Cards Betaald :slight_smile:
  • Harlingen (Lucie) 5 Cards Betaald :slight_smile:
  • mlandman (Marloes) 40 Cards Betaald :slight_smile: Opsturen
  • Jankef (Janke) 10 Cards Betaald :slight_smile:
  • FRIESEANTILLE (Johanna) 10 Cards Betaald :slight_smile:
  • Angelthepup22 (Trevor) ???


Only Cards
Ejtodje (Eline) 15 cards Betaald :slight_smile:


i like to come your meeting , Susanne

Ja graag

I would love to join :smile:

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Ik (Mariska) kom graag samen met mijn dochter Iris

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Wil je me onder voorbehoud toevoegen.
Alvast bedankt
Groetjes Anne

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I would love to join

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Yes, bij mij in de buurt.
Ik kom graag! :grin:

Ik geef mij graag op

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Leuk! Mag ik ook komen? Groetjes Anke

I would like to come

Would love to join.


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I’d like to join! (a little bit o.v.b.)

A meeting at the “neighbours”. Count me in please :grinning:


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Oh wauw, I had not expected so many people to join in already. I added you all to the list <3


Ik wil graag komen.

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Count me in

I would like to come

Added you three on the list, only one spot left:)

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