[FULL] 30 March 2024 Easter Meet-up in Seoul

:world_map: CITY/REGION: Seoul, South Korea
:round_pushpin: MEETUP PLACE: 3-2 Jahamun-ro 1 na-gil, Jongno-gu. Seoul
:calendar: DATE: 30 March 2024 Saturday
:alarm_clock: TIME: 1400-1600 (KST)
:page_facing_up: MEETUP PLAN: Chat and sign postcards

Hello fellow Postcrossers in Seoul:
I will be travelling to Seoul around Easter and I would like to host a meet up.
Would be grateful if you can suggest a place for the meet-up :smile:

P.S. I’m learning Korean so I can speak a little bit of it.

I’ve already prepared 2 designs for the meet up cards:
A: Landmarks in Seoul

B: Korean Cuisine

Please also indicate how many cards you would like to purchase.
Can’t wait to meet-up with the Korean Postcrossers!


  1. Me
  2. @heewonushka
  3. @jisoo
  4. @usersoyoung
  5. @simplydeep1
  6. @hyeon0103
  7. @klue522
  8. @likepur
  9. @spacus
  10. @humanus
  11. @beingeve

엽서 동호회 여러분:
3월 28일부터 4월 3일까지 서울에서 여행할 거예요.
엽서 모임을 가지려고 해요
엽서 동호회 여러분

한국어를 좀 해요 그런데 영어를 조금 하시면 좋겠어요
제가 한국어를 좀 할 수 있어요 그런데 영어를 조금 하시면 좋겠어요
모임 장소를 추천해주세요
엽서 디자인을 2개 했어요

엽서를 좀 만들었는데 마음에 드시면 연락주세요.


Hello, I can join if meet up will open on Saturday!
I’d like to buy 5 each cards.

I’d like to participate. I’d like to buy 15 postcards each. - @jisoo

Hello, I can join if meet up will open on Saturday!
And I’d like to buy 5 postcards(each)!

@yepp50 It’s nice to see you coming to Seoul! I’d like to participate and want to order 10 cards each.

I can join if meet up will open on Saturday.
And I want to order 15 cards each.

Hi, I can join on Saturday too! I would like to buy 10 postcards each.

I can join on Saturday(30 march)
and want to order 5 cards each. < spacus ( A: 5pcs , B: 5pcs ) >
thanks. see U on March

I’m happy to be part of meetup in Seoul on Saturday.
I would like to buy 5 pcs of postcard each.

It would be my first joining of meetup! Can’t wait to meet you and fellow crossers!

Hello everyone,

As more people will be available on 30 March, the meet-up will be arranged in that day.

I’ve opened a group on Kakao Talk, the link have been sent via DM.

Can’t wait to meet you all!

Thank you.

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Wow I’d love to go but I am not sure my Schedule yet :pleading_face:

No problem, just let me know before the end of February, so that I can confirm on the printing on the cards and the meet-up venue.


Due to the capacity of the meet up venue, we can only accommodate 10 people. Thanks for understanding.

I am happy to swap with the participants of the meeting!

My postcards for swap:

Привет, Диана.
У тебя есть любая открытка со встречи? Если Да, то я хочу с тобой обмениться. Я участник этой встречи в Сеуле. (Я вледею русским языком кстати)

Привет! У меня есть вот такая открытка с недавней встречи :heart:

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I would love to join. May I have 5 postcard of A and B. Also I would love the kakao link

Красиво! А давай со мной обменимся тогда! ) Мне в личку напиши свой адрес! Я отправлю сразу после встречи 30го марта

Написала, жду и твой адрес в личных сообщениях!)

I’d like to join.