FULL - 16th april 2022 - easter meetup in Utrecht

Can I join? I would be my first meet up :grin: Ten cards of each please.

Hi there. Please let me know if one of you could send me one of your Easter meetup cards… Thank you…

I want to join please :slight_smile:

i like to come please to Utrecht,

ik wil graag 30 kaarten alsjeblieft

i like to come .

Can you put me on the waitinglist please? I like to join this meeting.
Greetings from Ellen

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Hello Frankie,
I would like to join you, if it’s still possible. It’s my 1st time so I would appreciate to get more information. Thanks in advance!


Can I request 5 cards, please?

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Frankie, I would like 10 postcards of version 1 (the card with the rabbit photo)

I like 15 cards design 1 and 15 cards design 2

I would like 12 of each

Hallo Frankie,

Ik vond het erg gezellig afgelopen weekend, ik zie dat deze al vol zit, maar als het mogelijk is dan zou ik graag op de reservelijst willen.

Groetjes, Miranda

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Hoi Frankie,

Mag ik op de laatste reserveringsplek?

Alvast bedankt!

Tannina ⚘

can you me place on the waitinglist. I like to come

@muppet450 je staat als enigste nog op een maybe … is het al zeker of je komt ? want als je niet kan komen kan je plaats naar de eerst volgende op de wachtlijst.

iedereen heeft een breicht gehad omtrent de kaarten :slight_smile:
everyone has an private message :slight_smile:

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hello, i would like to receive one of your meetup postcards :smile: can we swap?
i can offer this meetup postcard, stamped and signed by partecipants:


please let me know, thank you very much :smile:

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I would love to swap

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@soundstorm you are on the list now.

@Oceanique you are now the first on the waiting list. if there is a change that you can still join, I’ll let you know ASAP.