FULL - 16th april 2022 - easter meetup in Utrecht

:world_map: CITY/REGION: utrecht
:pushpin: MEETUP PLACE: dewinkelvansinkel, Oudegracht 158,3511 AZ, Utrecht
:calendar: DATE: 16-04-2022
:alarm_clock: TIME: 12:00
:page_facing_up: MEETUP PLAN:

hello dear postcrossers,

on the 16th of april i (frankie) will organize an meetup in utrecht.
utrecht lies very central in the netherlands. i hope to see also some new people.
this meetup will have the theme easter, so the meetup cards are easter themed.
there will be two designs, these you’ll see in an private message.

the meetup starts at 12:00 and goes on till 16:30.
we’ll have lunch around 13:00.
and after that we’ll stamp, sticker,an write cards and meetup books.
cards you’ll get at the meetup place

there is room for max. 25 people.
1 frankie 40 each P
2 charity 25 each P
3 helmamartens 12 each P
4 troetelveertje 15 each P
5 rowena2403 30 each P
6 florisca 10 design 1
7 piavano 6 each P
8 victoriairis 20 each P
9 victoriairis ( daughter ) P
10 aniq-ue 8 design 1 P
11 martatini 5 each P
12 noe6acv 40 cards each P
13 pareltje21 20 each
14 soundstorm 15 x design 1 5 x design 2 P
15 suncrusher72 20 each P
16 hippieheart 25 design 1 P
17 pareltje 10 each P
18 bora1976 15 each P
19 postcrossingbo 10 x design 1 15 x design 2 P
20 huubke 15 x design 1 5 x design 2 P
21 jolanda4 10 each P
22 jeroen 20 each P
23 jana 20 each P
24 bao_nl 5 design 1
25 suzannemartijn 15 each P


1 oceanique
2 miranda78
3 BuonaFortuna
4 Andrea236


Count me in, 30 of each cards please :slight_smile:

I want to join please

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Love to join 15 each for me

Count me in to :slight_smile:

Probably I’ll take 30 cards each.

I would like to come. 10 cards of each design please.

Yes, I would like to come too.

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I would like te come with my daughter
15 postcards of each please

Kan ik joinen?
Zal de eerste meetup voor mij zijn.
Dus ik weet dan niet goed wat ik dan mee kan nemen etc.
Dus als iemand mij dat kan aangeven?
Alvast bedankt.

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I would like to join :grin: also first meet up for me!
I would like to reserve 5 cards of each design please
Thank you!

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Oh and reserve 5 of each. … :slight_smile:


I would like to participate, please count me in. And I would love to reserve 40 cards of each.

Thank you,

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Count ne in o.v.b

Please count me in OVB (I have to wait for my work schedule first)

I would like to join (o.v.b.) with 7 postcards, each. Thanks


I would like to join too! It will be my first Meetup and I have the same question as Aniq-ue: What to take with me?!
Please, reserve 10 postcards from each design for me

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Me too… Never been to a meetup before, so let’s try to make this one to be my first attended meetup. :blush:
I will let you know how many cards I would like, when the designs are available.


I would love to join,i’m my home town :smiley: and 10 cards of each please

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Hi! Can you please add me ovb :blush: Thank you.

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Please count me in too!
Hopefully this will be my first meetup too, I’ll wait for the designs before reserving them :wink: