✅ Forum accessible without Login

I logged out on the official side and can still access the new forum and read my messages.
(also after clearing the cookies)
It is also possible to access the new forum from the old one via the link in the news section - even when I am not logged in the old forum!

There’s a thread or discussion about that somewhere. I remember writing in it.

here: [NOT A BUG] Why it´s possible to read forum without being logged in?

I try to recap it… you’re still logged in here in the forum. When I remember correctly the login is not synced right away, so you stay logged in here even when you logout on the main site (the old forum is not relevant at all for the login here). I think @paulo mentioned something like every 24h? It must have been on the sandbox because I can’t find it. If you want to logout on the forum you should use the logout button here (to login back again you need to login on the main site, too).

That is about something else. @Nordbaer is logged in here in the forum and can read his PMs etc


But if one logs out, like @Nordbaer did, one should NOT be able to read the PM’s one has sent or received!

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sorry, ignore me. I understood other thing :woman_facepalming::woman_facepalming:

Sure, but he didn’t log out of the forum, but the main site. And that sync is not done immediately.

Here’s the log out for the forum itself:


Got it at last! :stuck_out_tongue:
Thank you, dear Cassiopheia!

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For anyone finding this but is still confused, perhaps this will help a bit.

There’s a bit of “magic” when the login is done on another website — often this is done automatically and you don’t even see the redirects taking place. Moreover, we do some tricks to help you be automatically logged in so that you don’t have to press a “Log in” button first.

To help clear that, this is the current status:

  • If you log out from the main website, you will get logged out from the forum as well.
  • If you log out from the forum (see screenshot above), you will only be logged out from the forum.

There are a few ways this may not seem to be the case and get confusing:

For example, if one logs out from Postcrossing (main website), then logs back into the account again and press the forum link on the menu: we will automatically log you into the forum account at that moment. To avoid this, simply type community.postcrossing.com on your browser (ie, don’t follow the link on Postcrossing’s menu) and you’ll see that you are logged out on the forum and need to click the ‘Log in’ button. The trick for this is on the forum link you press on Postcrossing’s main menu, which automatically logs you in.

Moreover, it can also be confusing if you log out (only) from the forum because it automatically redirects you back to the main website. Once there, if you press the forum link again, it will appear you were still logged on the forum after all: that’s not true. Again, the link you press on the menu is what logs you in. A simple way to confirm this is to open two separate tabs with the forum: log out in one of them — the other one should automatically show you a warning saying you were logged out from the forum and, if you refresh, you’ll see you are indeed logged out.


when I log out from the main website, I am STILL logged in in the forum.
Just tested for you… :stuck_out_tongue:

Same for me, I just logged out of the main site. I refreshed the (still open) forum site and am now posting this :wink:

edit: I will keep being logged out at the main site and see how long it will take until I’m logged out of the forum as well.

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Have you tried the two tabs trick I mentioned to test that?

No, that’s just the way I did (always using multiple tabs!). I had the forum open in one tab, opened the main site in another tab. Logged out of the main site, switched the tab to the forum. Refreshed with F5 and I’m still logged in the forum, but not the main site. Even a refresh with ctrlF5 doesn’t change it.

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This is not the behavior I’m seeing (Chrome, Mac). I get an immediate popup on the forum tab telling me I was logged out.

Do you perhaps have another device/tab/widget that is logging you back into Postcrossing? As far as I can see, when you logout from the main website, all forum sessions are (immediately) closed — that’s true even for all devices that you logged out on the forum.

If you refresh the tab where you logged out from Postcrossing’s main website, is it really logged out still?

I’ve encountered this as well. When I log out of the main website, I’m still logged into the forum on my Desktop(Chrome).


I have been logged out of the forum on my mobile.

Yes, sure. But that shouldn’t interfere? Logins are per device, aren’t they? (should even be per browser!)

Yes. I refreshed both tabs (forum and main site). As of now I’m still logged out of the main site, but can still write here on the forums.

I’m on Win10 with Firefox.

edit: no change after 2 hours.

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I checked the cookies for community.postcrossing.com and there’s a ‘_t’ cookie that is still present.

The session logins are per device, but logout (from the forum) removes all (forum) sessions from all devices — this is by our choice for the forum. Logging out from the main website should logout from the forum too, this it should log you out (from the forum) in all devices.

I’m not sure what’s happening, but that is not expected and I can’t reproduce it.

I usually use Chrome, so I tried Firefox (Mac): one tab with the forum, another with Postcrossing, where I logged out. Immediately, the tab with the forum on Firefox got logged out:

Not only that, the forum I had open on Chrome at the same time got the same result (logged out notice) immediately.

I’m scratching my head on this one.

Let’s try this:

  1. Check how many sessions are displayed in your account
  2. Logout from the forum (using the hamburger menu link)
  3. Logout from the main website
  4. Login again on both main website and the forum
  5. Check your sessions on the forum again. What displays there? There should be just one session, from your current device.

If you only see one session, now open a new tab with Postcrossing and logout from there. Are you not logged out from the forum as well? What does your forum sessions show you at that point?

Cookies can be present on the client side, but the session no longer exists on the server side.

Do you mean this list?

After logging out and back in there is only one device shown.

After checking this, I logged out of the main site (in a new tab)… and yes… I’m writing here once more :wink: Refreshing etc doesn’t change anything!

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Now I started to get really curious and got another device (Chromebook with, well obviously, Chrome OS) and it behaves just like my Win PC: when I log out from the main site, I don’t get logged out the forum.

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