[NOT A BUG] Why it´s possible to read forum without being logged in?

That possibility has surprised me. I had gone to the old forum at first. There is told where this new forum is. I have clicked the address and so it has been possible to read this new forum. I have not been logged to the old forum at that time.

It’s not a bug, it’s a cookie stored on your computer.

Both in the old and new forum it’s possible to read the threads in most forum categories without being logged in. It’s the same forum categories in both forums that are hidden from non-logged-in views (shown with a lock when you’re logged in). This is done on purpose by the Postcrossing staff.

Are you logged in on the main site (postcrossing.com)? If you’re logged in there, you will be logged in here as well. The Postcrossing.com password and username is the one that is used in the new forum as well. The new forum isn’t linked to the username and password at the old forum at all.


I think that’s what she meant - that she was taken to this forum, where she had not logged in. But she is logged in since the login is the same as the main postcrossing profile. Which is different from the old forum :slight_smile:

I have not been logged in anywhere the main site, the new forum or the old forum. I have different name in the old forum.
I have been able to read anything, but when I tried to reply or go to the main site the system asked me to log in.

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Experiment. Clicked on house > main website. Logged out.
Clicked on ‘forum’.
Immediately got this:
Screen Shot 2020-11-07 at 16.07.43
Therefore, if you’re not logged in, you can’t read anything anywhere except for the front page with TV* screen and the numbers/stats display.

*Main site suggestion

Edited to add: that’s interesting. I’m still logged out of main site, but remain logged in here. Time-delay? Bug?

When you want to test it, first log out of the forum than out of the main site and re-enter this forum without logging in. All categories without a :lock: can be read without login. It’s the same for the old forum.

:lock: #everything-else is not viewable without login, but #trades-requests-offers is.

I´m able to read anything. I haven´t notice that lock in the forum before this topic.
Maybe I´m the only one.
This is mystic.

I have just done it again. I have logged out from here and from the main site.
Then I have written an address: https://commynity.postcroffing.com
I have been able to read any topic.

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Yes, that’s exactly what I tried to point out!

If you’re not logged in, are you able to see these categories? And if yes, are you able to open them and see and read the threads?

Thank you Norway girl!
Now I can notice that little difference between being logged in/out.

But why those areas are the only ones?

@anon24530384 I’m not being really pedantic, but there are three typos in that address
@Norway_girl I find it impossible to read that white on black screen shot
@Cassiopheia That worked. I’m still somewhat confused about this logged in/not logged in, being able to post/not being able to post, but it doesn’t matter.

I don’t know why these were hidden for the non-logged-ins on the old forum. But I know that @paulo and @meiadeleite wanted to mimic the old forum and make the same categories hidden here in the new forum.

Then we’re different. I prefer the white on dark background setting, and have no problem reading it. But here’s the screenshot with a white background:

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This forum settings in terms of what’s visible and what is not is the same as to what the old forum did.

And the main reason for why it was always visible without an account was so that one could browse the forum before deciding whether to join it (on the old forum one would have to signup separately for it).

The choice of the sections that require login were mainly based on content that was not core to Postcrossing (eg: mainly, the off-topic section) which we didn’t want to encourage people to join the forum based on those. There’s also a small section (non-RAS) that is “hidden” away: in that case is because sometimes it contains addresses which we prefer not to have visible publicly (ie, without an account).

Things are different these days compared to 15 years ago, but for this transition we are aiming to minimise the changes (which are plentiful anyhow), so we just copied that setup. This may be something we rethink in the future, but for now the priority is to reduce the differences to make it easier to transition from the old forum to this one.


Thank you but it’s still too small for the human eye.

Thank you!

Have you tried clicking on the picture? That gives you a larger copy of it!

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Thank you for that handy tip. Does that work on all posted images?



I’m going to open this up again…

ALL round robins should be locked and unsearchable/indexed by Google. All the round robins under games are… the ones in the regional section are not. There is a definite privacy concern and it has been voiced by many here.


I was happy to be able to read the Education section even after being banned from the forum. As a result, several schools have received postcards from Latvia (no one else sends to schools from Latvia, only me), and I have found very special pen pals: a small Hutterite school in America.
I have worked in various educational institutions most of my life. Now I am sick and infirm, but my heart still belongs to schools and kindergartens.