Forgetting if you sent a card?

So forgive me if this is a topic already, I couldn’t find anything. And I am not usually this silly, honestly! :joy: But life has been very hectic lately, and I am unsure whether I have sent a card to someone already or not. It is an official card in my travelling list.
Has anyone else made this silly mistake? And what is the protocol? Is it okay to send another one just in case?


Sure, why not? It just means they will get a card, maybe 2. I’ve done that. Just put the id# on it so they can register it. If they get and register the first card, they will not be able to register the second bc you can only register one per #, but maybe they’ll write you a pm thanking you. Either way, I’m sure they will most likely be very pleased to have another piece of happy mail in their box.


I’ve forgotten, and sent two. The receiver posted both cards :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


@uconn ahh, that’s a way to do it; via photo scan of both together.
When I’ve tried to register a second to same # it didn’t let me, just said #bla bla bla is already registered.

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I did that last week - I was 90% sure I’d already sent it, but I hadn’t marked it off in my notes the way I usually do, so I sent it another copy of the card, just in case.

I’m sure I’ll get a confused reply: Why did you send me 2 cards? lol


I have…I did a batch then went out of town. Came back and noticed I hadn’t uploaded an image for one card. Not sure if I forgot to select a card or just forgot to upload a photo…so to be safe I sent a second card


In order to avoid forgetting to send a card, I do two things:

  1. Upload a scan of all cards sent.
  2. Mark postcrossing emails as “unread” unless I sent the card.

That system works for me.


I have a system that is very similar to @sannah82’s. If I don’t have a scan for a postcard I’m sending on my traveling page, that means I haven’t sent it yet.


After being unsure if I sent one or not, I now take pictures of both sides of the card. It really helps.


One way to avoid this is maybe drawing fewer addresses at a time. Less chance of confusion.



At the very beginning I just used the uploaded picture as a reminder for myself that I’ve sent the card. Too bad if one day the scanner refuses to work.
Since then I also mark the emails as unread.
At the end of a “writing day” I compare the written cards with emails and set them to “read”.

this might sound arkward, but in fact it only takes a few seconds to minutes, depending on how many cards I’ve written


It has happened to me too! The pandemic has made everything so weird that I lost track once or twice. I just sent one “again”, though in one case it became obvious that I didn’t send the first one, haha.


It has never happened to me, but I think if I wasn’t sure if I’d sent a card or not, I would just wait to see if it arrives. Especially if it was going to a nearby country where travel times are usually short. And then if it didn’t arrive within a reasonable time frame, I would send another one - and by that I mean a different one, so that if I did send the first card after all and it was just taking the scenic route, the receiver won’t end up with two copies of the same card.


Hasn’t happened to me yet (touches wood)…

My system is all done by smart phone so it works for me!

I login to postcrossing using my phone- then after asking to send a postcard I take a screenshot of the address and profile info (this is easier in desktop view), revert back to regular phone view to check their favourites cards and received from Australia cards (so I send something they don’t have already and that they like), log out of postcrossing.

The screenshot only gets deleted when the postcard has been written- and the cards for outgoing post get put in my dot journal (so they don’t get bent).

System works for me :wink: but I also don’t mind if I get two cards or if I send two cards. (Sometimes a maxicard release that perfectly matches what they want is a week or so after I’ve been allocated them. So I’ve sent that too.)


I also only upload a photo after I wrote the card.
One time though, I tricked myself! I had uploaded a photo and the card expired eventuall, dropping down the list, eventually being there with over 300 days of travel.
Then I tidied my apartment… And found the card. With an address, but otherwise unwritten. Welp. :see_no_evil: Quickly wrote a message on it and posted it, it got registered just days before being deleted from the system!
So, no system is bulletproof. :grimacing:


Just three days before disappearing forever!!!


I am very distracted lately, so I have created a system that I use both for official PC and for swaps here on the forum.

First, I have an Excel file on my computer that I fill out with the details just after I’ve written the card.
Then I scan it and when I go send it I take a picture of the card sticking out halfway through the mailbox.
I also have a note taking app on my phone, where I keep two files: one for mail that I’ve sent and one for mail I still need to send. After I’ve sent the card, I move it from the “To send” file to the “Sent” one on my phone.

Finally, I have a folder in my computer named “Postcrossing”, with various subfolders: one for received mail, one for sent mail and one for the pictures of the cards in the mail box.

Is it crazy? Absolutely. Would I remember if I’ve sent a card, without this complex system? Nah. Would I remember what kind of card and stamps I’ve sent to a person, so not to send them duplicates? No way!


Thats why I only take an address when I have the time to write it. Otherwise I have this problem all the time with my adhd head :joy:

Greetz Suzanne

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If one does not have a working scanner but a working smartphone, a scanner app helps. I use “Fotoscanner von Google Fotos”.


For those who like, sure it’s a good thing (though I know a lot of people who still don’t and won’t use a smartphone).

I cannot use these apps because I don’t have a calm hand due to my arthrosis. Tried several apps, not only for photos. If I use the simple smartphone cam I get a better result.

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