Flagging down frustrations

Thank you all for flagging me down for being off topic in the topic
Flagging frustrations

Here it is on topic :smiley

'I thought that other topic was about flagging down frustrations. Maybe this topic now will be split: (I split it myself for the correct use of forum).

Since the new forum many of us LOVE to flags down others. If I see a post from certain forum members with a slightly different opinion I know it will be flagged down and hidden. And often it is. And often I do not understand.

Can we flag down as much as we like? Or is there a maximum number on it? Is flagging down annonymous or will your name be on a list some where?’

You can read about the basic mechanics of flags here: https://meta.discourse.org/t/so-what-exactly-happens-when-you-flag/275

It’s definitely a complex system that helps us (the moderators) quite a bit, but for the members it’s relatively straightforward: you flag something for one of the reasons given (spam, off-topic, inappropriate, or something else) and we’ll let you know when we’ve had a look at it. The system will also let the poster know that their post has been flagged (though not by whom) and why.

Posts are automatically hidden if a number of flags is accrued — which is useful in many situations, to stop things from escalating or continuing down an off-topic spiral. But that doesn’t mean that they won’t be unhidden later, when a moderator has a look at the topic or post. The team is free to disagree with the flags, which restores the post.

There is a maximum number of flags/day, but I should hope this forum isn’t so disorganized/off-topic/spammed that you would need to reach that number.

Admins can see who’s flagging a post and internally, the system keeps track of all flags. People who receive more flags are not promoted to TL3, for instance. And if it happens regularly that someone’s flags are disagreed with by the mods, their flags will carry less weight in the future.

Flags should used for their intended purpose — to let admins know that something is wrong.


Many? I know only about one certain member, whose postings have been flagged down quite often, lately. And I wonder how somebody cannot understand, why this member’s postings have been flagged! To express ones opinion is one thing, but being aggressive, prvoking or even threatening others is a completely different thing.


Thank you @meiadeleite
I remember the time on the old forum where members could easely direct newby’s. And give advice how to use the forum correctly.

My last clinch was a member who did incorrect quoting and was p*ssed I told her how to quote correct. Flagging down is the new now.

@RalfH Topic was not set up as a guessing game.

Not a guessing game? Then why don’t you thell the name of the person you are talking about or set a
link to the questionable posting of yours?
Sorry, but you are the one who makes it a guessing game.


Guys, I think this is enough here — this conversation is not being very productive.

@HM If you see a problem, flag it. Otherwise, we should all try our best to encourage members in the right direction, being kind and understanding.